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Soil Pollution

No description

hanna mitchell

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of Soil Pollution

causes of soil pollution

effects to soil pollution
solutions to soil pollution
videos to soil pollution
Enjoy the videos
soil pollution
Soil Pollution

Hanna Esmeralda Andre
1. soil pollution is caused by a variety of anthropogenic activates mining activates chemical spills and improper disposal of toxic chemicals are the most common causes.
2. The main reason why the soil becomes contaminated is because the presence of man made waste.
3. soil pollution can caused a decrease in fertility , increased salinity (which makes the soil infecund).
4. Pollution happens when the environment is contaminated, or dirtied by waste, chemicals and other harmful substances.
1. "the solution involves intersecting multiple cords though "tdrilled holes to absorb the pollutants. These are then pulled out and the procedure is repeated until the soil is clean."
2. removing a source of pollution but also cleaning up and restoring the polluted area
3. "new solutions to soil pollution distribution, bioavailability and management of heavy metals special sessions was intended to collect reliable data and useful information to develop methodologies." Asia's solution
4. stop using pesticides and fertilizer it pollutes the area and kills plants and food plants
pictures of soil pollution
.3 .people think it is fine to pollute but it is not. It is bad for the soil to be polluted it kills planets and animals eat planets and humans plant the planets for them selves to eat and when it is polluted they can't eat the food.
soil pollution
By Hanna Esmeralda Andre
Enjoy the prezi peeps
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