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Kyle Behrsing

No description

Kyle Behrsing

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of Kyle Behrsing

Kyle Behrsing grew up in Hardwick, Vermont and enjoyed a lovely time of riding bicycles, building rock forts, discovering streams and mud holes, fighting imaginary tree villains, reading, writing poorly drawn comic strips, running and tumbling as much as possible, and getting funky haircuts.
The Entrance
The Cool Kid
As he grew, the fun never stopped. He built lasting friendships with great people. He found necessary outlets in sports, writing and reading, and causing trouble. The love for school started to change into a love for fun.
This Car Needs Fog Lights
While having fun, he forgot to look out for the future. The Earth still spun underneath him whether or not he cared to pay attention to the Earth.
Welcome To School
Throughout elementary school, he enjoyed learning and playing with friends. Eventually he got bored, and because he couldn't run and tumble enough, he found some trouble.
Kyle Behrsing's Page Turner
A True Story of Self Discovery
But as all things do, it worked itself out and he found his love for school again.
Good Company
As he took his time deciding whether or not to pay attention to the Earth, his friends and family stuck close by. Eventually he worked himself out, as all things do.
Yes, It Matters
After deciding to pay attention to the Earth, he realized the Earth might need some help to become that fun and lovely place he remembered it to be.
I Need a Hammer
Finally, the boy had grown. He now had all the tools he needed to start building something for himself and others. He thought he might be able to help other people avoid that foggy valley he had encountered so many years ago. He knew the only thing that could stop him now was himself.
Forward Movement
Now with the super power of foresight, he sees many things to be there for: friends, family, students, and in general,
the world.
I am From the Future
His dreams of zombies and fighting sharks are now accompanied by becoming a more resourceful English teacher. Mastery of the English language and ways to help other people obtain it are now more important to him than mastery of his video games.
The high school student who didn't care about anything but fun is now the high school teacher who wants to have fun and care about everything else too.
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