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Health for Life

DFS: Community For Action Project Report

w. rose

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Health for Life

Juicing & Essential Oil .................... 20
Healthy Heart & Bones ................. 50
Mind, Body & Soul .......................... 20
Total health awareness:
Total Impacted Directly ............... 300
HEALTH for life
Health Fair ......................................160
My Passion began...
Lunch n Learns
PWG Health Panel
Health Fair Finale
My Partners
New Goals
At my kick-off
CAP meeting I already
had my main idea,
Health & Wellness, and title:
brainstormed CAP
with my
PWG group
We put up sheets of paper on
the wall with titles of the various
program categories:
Community Events
PWG Events
CAP Goals for Success
I also had sign-up sheets
for volunteers.
Health Issue
CAP Topic
My Passion for health and wellness
began as a young child. Growing up, my parents were always in the garden planting vegetables. I remember hearing them say, "This is good for you!"

My grandparents' table was always filled with nutritious food.
I remember my grandfather eating grapefruit every morning. Sprouting up in this health-conscious environment made an indelible impression on me.
Last year I was
diagnosed with osteoporosis
at a community health fair. I was shocked when I got the test results. I knew I had to do something.
I began concentrating on weight bearing exercise and calcium-based nutrition. Now my bone density has improved to Osteopenia.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
At the time of my diagnosis I was already involved with the PWG at the DFS Morris County, New Jersey. I saw an opportunity to
educate others about
osteoporosis, but decided to broaden my topic to
health and wellness
to reach the whole community.
As incentives to
participate, I gave the women
raffle tickets
to win
‘healthy’ prizes
, which included cookbooks, flax seed, honey, and spelt.
I made a conscious effort to give the
PWG women
the opportunity to volunteer and get involved.
November 23, 2013
January 26, 2014
April 5, 2014
March 18, 2014
October 21, 2013
October 19, 2013
$200 Profit
Press & Online:
8 newspapers
Social Media:
Websites & Facebook
Posted & emailed flyers:
PWG members, libraries, bulletin boards, staff and patients at hospital oncology center, Community College Women's Center

action plan
consisted of a series of health events and fundraisers timed throughout the CAP year. I coordinated health professional speakers, venues and health topics. My PWG volunteers and I arranged organic food and healthy prizes for each event.
We created
our health events.
Our PWG 2011 CAP Leader, Bonnie Smitte, led the Fundraiser’s for the Entertainment books which had its
largest sales in 4 years totaling $525 profit
. Many PWG women bought the books to support the CAP. It was so nice to see everyone helping the cause.
Created donation letters stating PWG involvement and how
it impacts the community. Separate letter for each event.
Bonnie also led the Restaurant Fundraiser for the Gourmet Café for lunch and dinner. The owner, Matt, and the staff were so nice and accommodating. Matt included all of the customers, which was very generous and much appreciated.
We gained $200.00 for this fundraiser
Our Sponsors
Health Fair Vendors
It Works
Hollenbach Family
Genesis Farm
Gourmet Cafe
Mind, Body & Soul
Gail Behrle
CAP Leader, Morris County
“Health is the foundation everyone needs to live a fulfilled life.”
Gail Behrle
My CAP Journey
The best way to motivate you
is to motivate others.
'n' Learns
Juicing with Sharon Mireku
PWG member, Sharon Mireku, demonstrated the benefits of juicing to improve your health. Everyone loved her fresh, organic vegetable and fruit juices & shared recipes. She demonstrated juicing with the Nutri-bullet blender, and shared how
juicing changed her life

Essential Oils by Galina Lebid, RN, CNHP
Galina presented therapeutic-grade essential oils. She explained how the oils enhance our body’s innate ability to heal and detox --
with side benefits
instead of side effects!
Yoga Therapeutics
Dr. Beth Haessig, PsyD, demonstrated experiential practices of yogi & breathing to achieve a balanced approach to life. Everyone was amazed!

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
Galina Lebid, RN, provided a guide on how to avoid GMOs in our food. She explained what GMO foods are & the health complications.

Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist
Frederick Langson raffled off 5 massages &
5 personal training sessions.
Judith Gisser, Nutritionist & Wellness Coach

demonstrated lifestyles for keeping a healthy heart and where the choices you make takes you.

Dr. Brent Forward, MD, Integrative Physician
Dr. Forward spoke about CAM (Complementary & Alternative Medicine) including vitamins. He led with a big belly laugh & followed with breathing exercises. We learned about heart-centered health concepts including stress management, heart meditation, and healthy bones.
Much love, maximum enlightenment,
belly laughs!

$725.00 Total Fundraisers
Juicing & Essential Oils
Mind, Body & Soul
Healthy Heart & Bones
new goals
During my CAP
leadership journey I have met extraordinary health gurus. I
health & wellness is becoming the norm
. It has given me opportunities to become a
liaison between health &
wellness professionals
& the community.
One of my goals
is to become a nutrition wellness coach.
The YMCA's Senior Health Director, who I met through this CAP, spoke to me about Health & Wellness positions.
I am interested in
learning more about
nutrition, farming, co-ops,
helping the food system in the United States become cleaner,
no GMOs, less chemicals,
less pesticides,
hydrogenated oils
or dyes.
Leading the Way to a
Better Future & Health Career to help others
Judith Gisser, Wellness Coach
Dr. Brent Forward, Integrative Physician
Dr. Beth Haessig, Yoga Therapeutics Psychologist
Joy Hertz, Farmer
Health Fair vendors
included Massage Therapists, Clean Juicings, Myofascial Release, Personal Fitness, Nutritionists, Smoothies, a Farmer, Chiropractor, Homemade Bath & Body Products, Zumba, Yoga, Tai-Chi & Pilates classes & more.

Atlantic Health System
performed 27 cholesterol screenings and 20 bone density screenings at a discounted fee which was generously paid for with a grant donated by
Shionogi Inc
PWG Meeting: March 18, 2014
The speakers focused on
breathing, moving, organic products,
whole egg yolks and how chickens are raised. The PWG women were inspired to be a part of co-ops, work on a farm and to create their own vegetable gardens.
Juicing & Essential Oils
Lunch 'n' Learn
Lunch 'n' Learn
Lunch 'n' Learn
Healthy Heart and Bones
Health Panel
PWG Meeting
Health Fair
Gail handing out all
healthy prizes
at the Health Fair
May 31, 2014
PWG Health Panel .......................... 50
It was so nice to have the support of my
Walmart mentor
PWG mentor
. They both were so encouraging and kept me motivated and on target!
Kathi Koufacos, PWG Mentor
Sally Welborn, Walmart Mentor
Lashea Bath & Body Products
Tajuana Young
Fitness Coaching Inc.
Passing the Torch to the next CAP Leader
Gail Behrle & Sharon Mireku
Vendor list for participants
Thank you for making
Health For Life
Sharon Mireku was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. After that shock, she changed her eating habits and started Juicing as she is demonstrating here at the Health Fair
Sharon Mireku
Personal health goals
with buddies
It made me feel great hearing, "It was because of you that I lowered my BP."
It was great that our
CAP leader
involved us and
challenged us to set personal goals
. The idea of having a buddy to achieve goals was great too. We could see that by cheering each other on we could motivate each other and get us through the tougher times. I attribute it to the establishment
of a goal. It made me more accountable.

This was undoubtedly the
best CAP project we have had in the 5 years
I have seen them. We were involved, communication was excellent, community awareness was incredible and the speakers and activities we had were great.
~ Kathi Koufacos
Total Lessons Learned ........
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