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The Chemical Test

No description

ananya garg

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of The Chemical Test

Messin' With Cabbage
The amount of time the indicator (red cabbage water) takes to change color fully
I think that if you add acids like vinegar then it will turn red. If you add alkali like baking soda
mixed with water then it will turn blue.
They will turn the different colors straight
after the acid or alkali is added.

Based on my readings and learnings about acids and alkali, I think that the red cabbage water will turn red when acidic liquid is added, and will turn blue when alkaline solution is added. I am hesitant about how long will the change of colour will take for the colour of the liquid to change fully.
> Grate the red cabbage and mixed it with boiled water.
> Use the strainer to clear out any small bits that have not mixed together.
> Pour exactly 100 ml of the solution into 4 jars.
> Pour exactly 50 ml of the chemicl liquid into the different jars of the indicator (red cabbage water)
> Time the amount of seconds it takes till the water has changed color fully
> Observe the chemical color change.
> Record your results and the timings
> Compare the color of the liquid with the chemical color scale
> Repeat the experiment 3 times
>The Red Cabbage Water
>The jars the water is going to be poured in
>The amount of liquid put in each water
> the amount of cabbage water poured in
To find out the chemical reaction when you add acidic and alkaline liquids to an indicator
The acidic or alkaline solution being poured into the red cabbage water
Some Photos:
By Gaurika Sawhney and Ananya Garg
>Red Cabbage
>Boiling Water
>Bicarbonate Soda mixed with Water
>Washing Powder
>Litmus Paper
Our Question...

How long does it take for an indicator to change colour when an acid or alkali is added.
Where we got our idea from
In our chemical test, we found out
that both of our hypothises were partly correct. We got the part of saying that"acids will turn red and alkali will turn blue'' correct. Though, One of us said that the colour change will occur immediately.
In future, we should add some neutrals as well to make our test bigger.If we had more supplies and time, we should have tested it a larger number of times to make sure our test is absolutely correct and fair.

We observed that when we put the acids
or alkali in the red cabbage water,
it took quite a while to change it's
color fully. Only the strong
acidic liquids like the vinegar
took only about 2-3 seconds to
change, it's color fully. We also
noticed that when the alkali liquids
were poured into the red cabbage, the
blue liquid it changed into wasn't as
clear as te red liquid of the acids.
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