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William Beebe

No description

lib hist

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of William Beebe

William Beebe
William Beebe was born in July 29, 1877 .Will spent much of his time outdoors, exploring his neighborhood, the near by Orange Mountains, Morris Canal and other places around East Orange. He collected anything and soon got a rifle so he could collect animals to skin and stuff. He had became an assistant and then later got a job as a full Curator of Birds. On August 6, 1902 he married Mary Blair Rice. Soon later the Zoological society wanted to make William to head an expedition and publish his findings into a world-class Monograph. In 1918 the first volume of the "Monograph of Pheasants " was published in London. soon later a more popular version of the Monograph was called "Pheasant Jungles". After the expedition he turned to the Tropical Jungle and became the new director of Tropical research. He then at age 75 retired from his position as director of tropical research.

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