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The Case of the Left-Handed Lady

A report on the book The Case of the Left-Handed Lady

Christina Bland

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of The Case of the Left-Handed Lady

The Case of the Left-Handed Lady By: Christina Bland Written By: Nancy Springer The Case of the Left-Handed Lady is an Enola Holmes mystery. Enola Holmes is the sister of the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. She is very clever just like her brother and is at sometimes more clever. Enola absolutely adores her brother and wants to be just like him. Enola is only fourteen years of age. However she is exceptionally good at managing herself. At the beginning of the book in London, January, 1889 Sherlock Holmes is having a discussion with his brother, Mycroft Holmes, about their runaway sister. Mycroft does not seem to care that his sister has run away. However, Sherlock is desperate to find her. The reason that their sister has run away is because after the Holmes' mother disappeared, Mycroft tried to send his sister to boarding school. She refused to go and ran away. After some discussion, Sherlock reveals that he has a plan to find his sister, but does not reveal the plan. Then he leaves. In the first chapter it introduces a girl named Ivy Meshle. She is the assistant to Dr. Ragostin in his new Scientific Perditorian(which is a corporation that finds missing people). Ivy is sitting at her desk when a man named Dr. Watson comes to visit Ivy. He tells her his dear friend, Sherlock Holmes, is in deep distress because his sister, Enola Holmes, just went missing. Dr. Watson then asks Ivy if she could find Sherlock's sister. It then reveals to the reader that Ivy Meshle is indeed Enola Holmes, Sherlock's missing sister and that Dr. Ragostin does not exist. She just made him up because supposedly back in those days a woman was not allowed to own her own corporation. Once Enola ran away, she went into hiding as Ivy. Ivy or Enola tells Dr. Watson that "Dr. Ragostin" probably will not be able to do this case. She then shows Dr. Watson to the door. London, January 1889 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 In the next chapter Enola is stressing over what just happened. She then decides to converse with her mother. You see they had been conversing with eachother in the personal advertising columns in the newspaper in secret code. So, Enola then wrote a secret message saying, "London Bridge falling down urgent must talk." She then put it aside to turn in to the newspaper tomorrow and put on a dark black outfit that had a dark veil that covered her face. Her black costume made her look like a nun. Enola also slipped a dagger in her dress for safety. She then slipped out the door into the night. Chapter 3 In chapter 3 Enola reveals a shocking secret to the reader. By day she may be disguised as Ivy Meshle, but at night she takes to a whole new character. People call her the Sister of the Streets. She wanders through London's streets in the dead of night and gives poor people food and blankets. Enola never udders a word however because she's afraid someone will regonize her voice. While she is wandering on this particular night, tragedy strikes. Someone strangles Enola with a device called a garrote. However her high whalebone collar saves her life. The collar kept the device from getting too tight around her neck. So, she only blacks out for a short time then makes it back to her lodgings. Chapter 4 In chapter 4 Enola finds a perfect case for her to solve. A rich family just recently had one of their daughters about Enola's age go missing. People think that she ran away with a shopkeepers son, but that's about as far as they got to figuring out the case. She quickly disquised herself as a proper upper class lady. She was about to go visit the family's residence disquised as "Dr. Ragostin's" wife. Chapter 5 In the fifth chapter Enola arrives at the Alistair residence. She meets with Lady Cecily's mother, Lady Theodora, and Lady Theodora accepts Enola's services. Enola then asks if she can inspect Lady Cecily's room. Chapter 6 In chapter 6 Enola inspects Lady Cecily's room and finds some helpful and curious infromation. First Enola examines the sealing waxes used to seal letters. There were many different colors of sealing wax for different kinds of letters. However, Enola noticed that only the gray sealing wax, meaning friendship, looked used. Enola then looked in Lady Cecily's desk drawer and to her surprise found pieces of charcoal worn to the nub. Enola then looked around everywhere until she found big charcoal drawings hidden behind Lady Cecily's dresser. She brought them out and discovered they were pictures of poor ragged people. Enola is left wondering about these drawings. Chapter 7 In chapter 7 Enola made the conclusion that Lady Cecily did not elope or run away with someone she loved, such as the shopkeeper's son. If she had eloped she would have used many colors of sealing wax, but she had only used the grey one for friendship. When she returned to the office she began to draw different drawings of Lady Cecily with Lady Cecily wearing different things. After finishing her drawings her servant says that the drawing of Lady Cecily wearing ragged clothes and a bandana on her head looks familiar. Only the poorest of the poor wear these type of clothes. Enola then grabs her coat and walks out the door and starts on her way to the Ebenezer Finch and Son Emporium. Chapter 8 In chapter 8 Enola talks with Alexander and discovers that Alexander and Lady Cecily met when he found her outside his shop with a flat tire and he helped her replace it. While he was doing so, they got into a conversation. They both find out that they had the same opinion on the treatment towards the poor and they discussed much about it. Lady Cecily then asked Alexander if she could show her the proletariat(which is the poor people). Alexander agreed, so for a while they went together to the proletariat day after day. Then Lady Cecily went missing. Enola then bids Alexander goodbye. Chapter 9 In chapter 9 when Enola gets a message from her mother saying, "Ivy meet me steps British Museum five tonight mother." Enola was excited until she realized Sherlock, her oh so clever brother, had put this message in the newspaper ot trick her into seeing him so he could bring her home. Enola then pays a visit to Dr. Watson and finds out that Sherlock had her prized possesion. A small booklet that her mother had given it to her before she left filled with all the codes they had been using. Enola told Dr. Watson good-bye and when she got back into the carriage she drew the blinds and disquised herself as a poor women. She then started toward the home of Sherlock. Chapter 10 In chapter 10 Enola gets her booklet back by distracting the maid, grabbing the booklet, then running out the door. She then went by the British Museum and saw Sherlock waiting for her by the steps, but she would never show up. She then rode a cab home and started thinking about Lady Cecily again. Then, as Enola thought about what she had seen in Lady Cecily's room she remembered a detail she had overlooked. Lady Cecily's desk placements. All her writing utensils were put to the left side of her desk. Lady Cecily was indeed left-handed. Chapter 11 In chapter 11 Enola decided that she was going to visit the Alistair residence again. She diguised herself as Mrs. Ragostin again and went on her way. This time she saw the ladder and made the conclusion that it was impossible for Lady Cecily to move a ladder of that size. It would be much to heavy. If she hadn't run away with someone then Enola wondered if Lady Cecily got kidnapped. Chapter 12 In chapter 12 Enola is out on the streets giving poor people food and blankets when Enola sees her brother, Sherlock disquised as a poor man talking to a poor women. She is asking the woman if she as seen a poor beggar girl named Ivy. Enola also wears many disquises. She almost never goes about as her regular self. She is known as many different people and she has to change between them constantly throughout the book. She also has to keep in disquise so her brother, Sherlock, will not find her. Sometimes Enola forgets about her real self because she is so constantly in disquise. chapter 13 In chapter 13 Enola has a new hope. Her brother had not even come close to figuring out her identity. He thought she was a poor girl who lived on the streets. Enola also discovers some new shocking infromation when she goes to talk to Alexander again. Alexaner perhaps was the man who strangled Enola that night just after Lady Cecily disappeared while the police were suppost to be watching him. Chapter 14 In chapter 14 Enola returns to "Dr. Ragostin's" office, changes into Sister of the Streets and returns to the Emporium. She follows Alexander until he leads her to Lady Cecily. Before Alexander sees Lady Cecily however he disguises himself as a poor man. While Enola is watching Lady Cecily and Alexander she sees Alexander hypnotize Lady Cecily. Chapter 15 In chapter 15 Enola snaps Lady Cecily out of her trance by drawing a picture of Lady Cecily carelessy riding her bike her hair flowing in the wind. She then pursuades Lady Cecily to come with her. While they are walking Lady Cecily tells how she met Alexander or as she said Cameron Shaw. She said he came to her in a dream and led her away to be part of his crusade. The truth really was that Alexander had snuck into Lady Cecily's room and hypnotized her into coming away with him. Lady Cecily did not know it was Alexander because of his disquise. Chapter 16 In chapter 16 Alexander finds the girls and Enola shows Lady Cecily who, "Cameron Shaw," really is. After yelling at Alexander Lady Cecily proceeds to walk away. Alexander then pulls out a garrote and starts strangling Lady Cecily. Enola pulls out her dagger and starts to stap Alexander. Alexander then runs away. Lady Cecily lied wounded on the pavement. Enola needed to get her help and she knew where. Dr. Watson's house. When Enola arrives she finds Dr. Watson visiting with a friend. And guess who the friend was? Sherlock Holmes. Chapter 17 In chapter 17 Sherlock realizes that the black figure is Enola when Enola starts to speak about how Lady Ceciy got wounded because he regonizes her voice and he pleads her to come back to him. Enola runs out the door and down the street. She then has an idea of the one place Sherlock would not look for her, his own house. She would hide there until Sherlock finally gave up. She would then slip back out the window. She decides that she will never turn herself in to Sherlock for the only way to be free was to be what her name decreeded her. Enola, which spelled backwords is, alone. The End :)
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