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Metis Clothing

No description

Taylor Palidwar

on 29 March 2018

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Transcript of Metis Clothing

Metis Clothing
Traditional Clothing for Men
A long coat with a hood made out of blankets
-Capotes were made of leather and cloth and were initially decorated with painted designs by the Metis
- The color and style of wearing the Capote and sash were indications of the cultural origin of the person wearing it
-Metis: Wore the sash under the Capote
-French Canadian:Wore the sash over the Capote
Catholic Metis: Wore the blue Capote and sometimes grey
Protestant Metis: Wore the white Capote
Protestant Europeans: Wore the grey Capote
- The rest of the mens outfit consisted of red and black flannel shirts, skin moccasins, sashes and brown trousers
-Metis men were often seen wearing a hat or cap

Traditional Clothing for Women
Facts about Metis Clothing

-Early Metis clothing was usually made from leather and was decorated with quills or beads
-The Metis began to incorporate silk, trade cloth, and silver from Europe very quickly
-Metis clothing was known for its elaborate decoration by many people

Facts Continued..
-Metis clothing expressed their distinct identity by blending Aboriginal and European cultural traditions
-Most clothing is cut in European style and decorated with floral quillwork, beadwork, silk embroidery flossing and silk ribbon
-The southern "High Plains" decorative work was stylized and abstract in appearance compared to the Northern which was characterized by its floral realism
Important Terms
Metis Clothing
By: Taylor Palidwar
- Women were known for wearing a long skirt with a shawl or large handkerchief worn as a hood
- Younger women would wear brighter colored shawls compared to the older women
- Older Metis women were usually seen wearing a crucifix hanging around their neck
-Metis women dressed in a dark shirt or dress, moccasins and a shawl which covered their head
-Metis women french braided their hair and often wrapped it around into a bun at the base of their neck

Clothing Facts

-In winter both women and men would wear cloth or skin leggings
-Everything Metis wore and used was decorated(beads,paints,dyes)
-The Metis used their art as a way to show their identity
-Metis children usually dressed like their parents

Moccasins: Metis women would make three pairs every year for their children and husband. The different pairs were made from moose hide, caribou hide, or deerskin.

Metis women used moss bags to hold their infants which was a comfort for the child, making them feel safe and warm.

Metis Sash
The Metis sash is a finger- woven belt made of wool worn by the Metis for cerimonial and traditional purposes.
Red represents the historical color of the Metis sash, blue and white symbolize the Metis flag, green signifies fertility, and black signifies the dark period of Metis history.


Mittens were essential to the Metis during the winter months. The mittens were lined with flannel or fur for warmth and decorated with bead work and ribbon.

-With the materials provided
Decorate a mitten with flowers, markers, and glitter!
-Be creative!! (Ties into art class also with floral work!)
Moss Bags
Picture Links


-One can see all the work put into Metis clothing
-Metis clothing isn't just something thrown together, it is made with a purpose
-Each piece of clothing has a meaning, it was beaded or decorated for a certain way for a reason
-We should take pride in our traditional Metis clothing that has been created by those who worked hard
Pow Wow
-Outfits are very detailed
Pow Wow Dance
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