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Genius Hour

No description

Katrina Ling

on 18 March 2018

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Transcript of Genius Hour

Genius Hour
Create. Explore. Discover.
Find your passion.
Inspire Others.
Think about how you will share your genius.
Be motivated to learn.
Have fun.
It's within you.
Believe in yourself.
Inspire yourself.
Be Engaged
Reward yourself with knowledge.
prezi, linoit, weebly, oral presentation, poster, video, etc.
PASSION: Something that you love!!
Finding your passion can help
you develop self-confidence and
Learn something in a new way! Be original in how you think of things!
Caine has inspired thousands to create using cardboard. His idea of a cardboard video arcade even inspired a documentary. You never know where creativity will take you.
This is YOUR project.. YOUR choice, so choose something YOU want to learn, not what your best friend wants to know. You will be more engaged if it is something YOU are passionate about!

Having fun during GH
Making a bird house
Flowers made out of modelling clay and fabric
model house with decorations
homemade pizza using homemade dough
drinking hat
sewing and making embellished t-shirts
models of famous buildings
diorama of various countries
Benefits of sharing:
- inspires others that may want to do something similar

- if you can explain it, then you understand fully

- develops public speaking skills
- Ryan Walters
"Don't be afraid to fail. You can't be afraid to try."
"A failed project does not mean a failed person."
There is learning in failure. You learn to problem solve and move forward.
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