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Adobe Flash CS5

WGD 235 Week 1 Day 1 Lecture

Jonathan Agresta

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Adobe Flash CS5

Adobe Flash CS6 Professional
Jonathan A Agresta, M.Ed.
DeVry University 2014
Remember Raster vs. Vector?
Flash is a vector based program, similar to Illustrator.

PhotoShop is raster based.
Flash is everywhere, it is used for animated ads, online applications, and is very popular for

YouTube is almost
completely powered
by flash video.
Flash was originally created and sold by Macromedia.

Adobe acquired Macromedia in a 2005 merger along with a few other programs, some of which being Dreamweaver and Director.
It first came out in 1996 and was popularly called Shockwave flash and now just called Flash.

The executable file is called a swf, or swif. It stands for short web format, it used to stand for shockwave flash.
ActionScript 3.0 is the programming background behind the cool graphics.
How about a history lesson?
Let's Summarize
In 1993 Jonathan Gay, and others started FutureWave Software and created SmartSketch.

A drawing application, SmartSketch was designed to make creating computer graphics as simple as drawing on paper.

Although SmartSketch was an innovative drawing application, it didn't gain enough of a foothold in its market.
As the Internet began to thrive, FutureWave began to realize the potential for a vector-based web animation tool that might easily challenge Macromedia's often slow-to-download Shockwave technology.

In 1995, FutureWave modified SmartSketch by adding frame-by-frame animation features and re-released it as FutureSplash Animator on Macintosh and PC.
In December 1996, Macromedia acquired the vector-based animation software and later released it as Flash 1.0.

In 2005 Adobe bought up Macromedia and the rest is history.

Flash Pro CS6 is the 12th
full version of Flash to be
released. (CS5.5/CC)
Misc Panels
Menu Options
To Flash We Go!!!
Back to Flash
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