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Felipe Pacheco

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of china

China Hi Flag of china
China exports soybeans,medical equipment,machinary and plastics. Chineese Fashion JUST KIDDING Real Chineese fashion chineese anthem Economy: Exports and Imports of China Chineese food Population: 1.3 billion
Age structure 0-14 19.8% (male 140,877,745/femal 124,290,090.
Literacy rate 90.9%
Life expectancy 73 years old (2007) Population Economy
Telecommunications: main lines in use 263 million (2003). Transportation: railways ,hiways ,ports ,harbors and airports.
Economy: imports, tobacco, corn, precious metal and pork. Natural resources: coal, iron, ore, petroleum, natural gas, mecury, tin, tungsten, antimony, marganese, molybdenum, vanadium, magnetite, aluminium, lead and zinc. Food: soups, soybeans, noodles, buns, vegetables, fish, meat or other itmes.
Some people consider cooking chinese food as an art. Language: Mandarin is the official language of China, cantonese, xiang, min and hakka are other spoken languages. Holidays: labor day
(1 of May), national day (1-2 of October), chinese new year and spring festival. currency Religion: buddists, taoists, muslims and chrishtianity all practice their religion. tempels and churches are open to the public. Recreation: Theaters, operas, ballets, films and cutural monuments all provide recreation in cities.
Sports and Recreation Sports: soccer,basketball and table tennis. National bird: Red crowned crane. Family structure: There are 2 parents in the family (husband and wife). But unculs and grandparents share the home with the family. There is usally many many family members sharing one house. There is no national flower. Timeline August 1884: Battle of Fuzhou, it was a war between the chinese and the french navy. April 1927: Cival war breaks out between the Kuomintang and the Communist party of china. February 1938: Imperial Japanese army bombs china.
The Japanese army made more than 5ooo runs and droped 11,500 bombs. May 1999: 5 us JDAM bombs hit the peoples republic of China embassy. The bonbs killed 3 citezens and injured many. China's republic were outraged. Then later president Bill clinton apolagizeed for the bombming and stated it was an acsident. 2008: Summer olimpics are held in China. Beijing Goverment: China is a communist goverment.
The president is Hu jintao. The president serves a 4 year term. Current events: Many riots have occured all across China. Did you know: China has the most populated army in the world. China traids with Costa Rica. biography: http/wikipidia.com
http/cia world factbook.com
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