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The Art of Interviewing

No description

Rachele Gartland

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of The Art of Interviewing

The Art of Interviewing Why resumes ? Before the Interview The Art of Interviewing Do Your Research Research Before the Interview Prepare: Types of Questions Before the Interview Prepare: Types of Questions Interview Day What to Wear After the Interview Next Steps Know the position
Find out the interviewer's name
Learn about the organization's mission and values Before the Interview Traditional Questions Prepare: Types of Questions Commonly asked questions that you CAN prepare for (see handout for examples) "What is your greatest strength? Weakness?" Behavioral Questions Past experience - "Tell me about a time...." ACTIVITY #1: Collect some thoughts (1 minutes)
Decide who will be the INTERVIEWER, INTERVIEWEE, & OBSERVER first
Practice asking & answering: "Tell me about yourself" (2 minutes)
Give feedback (1 minute)
Rotate! In groups of 3... STAR Method

S ituation
T ask
A ction
R esult

Example ACTIVITY #2: On Your Own... Using the STAR method form, write your response to: "Tell me about a time you had difficulty working in a group" (2 minutes) Interview Day Best Practices After the Interview Thank You & Follow Up Next Steps Practice: Career Center Next Steps Peer Advisors - Walk-in appointments
Career Advisors - By appointment
Workshops - Newsletter calendar
ASK Practice Interviews (see below) Bring extra copies of your resume & references
Arrive 10-15 minutes early... sort of
Turn off/put away phone - even while you wait
Be polite to everyone
Smile, firm handshake, show enthusiasm
Have 3 questions prepared (see sample questions, including what NOT to ask)
Get contact info or business card
Say goodbye to everyone you met Send thank you email
Mail hand-written thank you note
Let references know to expect a phone call
Follow up! Prepare Dress Professionally Send Thank You Follow Up Practice Arrive Early Before the Interview Interview Day Be Polite No Cell Phone Situational
Oddball - My favorite! Question: Describe a situation where you resolved a conflict.Response: (SITUATION) In my management class we were assigned a group project and the instructor assigned the group members. We worked in teams of four and our assignment was to analyze a small company and develop strategies to improve the organizational structure. When the project was half completed, one of the group members started procrastinating; not showing up to meetings and missing deadlines for his part of the project (ACTION) I called a meeting with the other group members and discussed my satisfaction with his actions. The other members had similar concerns about our grade being affected, so I agreed to talk with him. After we talked, he let me know he was having difficulty scheduling meetings due to work pressures. (OUTCOME) Our group was able to work around his schedule and help him out. We ended up getting an A on the project. Questions? http://depaul.interviewstream.com/ Practice: Interview Stream "Why do you want to work here?" "Tell me about yourself" Ask questions Show enthusiasm Interview Stream "Why should I hire you?" "What are your goals?" "How would someone else describe you?"
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