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Resurrection of Reflective Experience. NCTE Boston 2013

Resurrection of Reflective Experience: How the Spirit of Adventure Revives Writers and Teachers in the Reclamation of Caring Classroom Habitats

Anthony Sedun

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Resurrection of Reflective Experience. NCTE Boston 2013

November 2013
Anthony K. Sedun,
TWITTER: @anthonysedun
Central Dauphin School District,
Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Matthew G. Skillen,
TWITTER: @mattskillen
Elizabethtown College

Enhanced relationships within classroom
Enhanced student efficacy in written expression
Better positive identity-formation
Life Writes Team
High expectations, explicit instruction, writing across genres, writing for a variety of purposes, valuation of artifacts of learning, text analysis, mentor texts, mentoring.
Time - Real and lasting gains in writing take time.
*Are our most vulnerable learners afforded adequate time to dialogue, to ask questions that are relevant to them, to take risks, to grow in substantive and spirited ways?

Resurrection of Reflective Experience: How the Spirit of Adventure Revives Writers and Teachers in the Reclamation of Caring Classroom Habitats
The Plan
Help adolescents in transition develop resiliency & make gains in writing through narrative inquiry & adventure education
The Exhibition Event,
Community engagement,
Increased student resiliency
The Exhibition
Moving Forward
By the Numbers
Dialogical classroom (Bob Fecho et al)
The "Life Writes Project" was an original pilot program developed for CDSD 8th grade English summer school students.
CDSD Administrators
Elizabethtown College
Messiah College
Pennsylvania State University
Millersville University
PA Common Core,
Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening Standards
Explicit practices, implicit beliefs in capacities of learners & tenacity of story
Clear vision of learners & self, Collaboration as necessity (not luxury),
Creation, compassion, communication
Meaningful & Lasting Learning
Writers for world, learners for life.

The number of students who passed 8th grade English in Summer Term 2013.
The number of people who attended the Exhibition at the Friendship Center.
The number of original works of art and writing produced by students.
The number of caring adults involved at various stages in students' lives through the Life Writes Project.
How to integrate adventure education into writing classroom?
Students in transition want to learn, want to write, want to make sense of their lives & their learning
Teaching writing takes time, talk, and tenacity with everyone involved.
Re-storying identities of adolescents in transition is an essential investment as CDSD moves forward toward the future.
Life Writes, Summer 2014 - Build on initial pilot program. Make adjustments in focus. Possibilities include: Dialogical teaching, narrative inquiry, digital literacies, and teacher as mentor for adolescents in transition.
The Tripytch Narratives (tragedy, triumph, tribute) became instrumental in re-storying adolescents' identities.
Students' Reflections
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