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Mahatma gandhi

No description

Jeanie Shearouse

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Mahatma gandhi

By: Eishan Patel SOME OF MY CHILDHOOD My Accomplishments ACROSTIC POEM THE LAST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE I would be 144 years old if I were alive today I was born in Porbander Gujarat,
India. I was the youngest of
the four children in my
family. I was a member of
the Hindu religion which
meant I wasn't allowed to
eat meat or drink wine. One of the accomplishment that I did was that I left my country and family to study law in London. Another achivement was that I soon became more assertive and began educating Indians in South Africa on their rights. But my most important accomplishment was that for most of my life I defended my country and my people's rights. Marvelous man who
Accomplished many things and
Helped many people in life.
Also educated people about
Their rights.
Made history all
Around the world.

Gained more
Admiration from his people
Never did bad things
During his life.
Hesitation never occured
In his life. Gandhi was assassinated at the Birla house. The
man who killed Mahatma Gandhi, was Nathuram
Vinyuk Godse. He was one of the Indian Nationalist.This bad scene happend in Delhi. How old I would
be today Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi was born in October 2nd in Porbander, Gujarat India. 1908 He elects to stay in South Africa and founds the Natal Indian Congress. He was arrested for the first time of many arrests in his struggle for people's rights and India's Independence from British rule. 1894 Indians under Gandhi's leadership, march peacefully in protest of a racist poll tax and marriage laws. He publishes the Declaration of Independence of India. 1930 The Indian National Congress Declares it will grant it's support for the British effort only in return for Independence. 1942 1869 1913 1947 Indian Independence becomes official in August 15th 1948 He was assassinated by Nathuram Vinayuk Godse, a hindu natoinalist. I would be an
elderly grandpa Thanks for watching ! Famous quote video
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