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The Most Dangerous Game

No description

Lauren Pero

on 7 October 2011

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Transcript of The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game by: Richard Connell In The Most Dangerous game the conflict is between General Zaroff, and Rainsford. General Zaroff is a skilled big game hunter; he has gotten bored with hunting animals who could not reason. So he invented an animal that could. That animal was man. And Rainsford was his newest game. There is the hunter and the hunted. symbols A few symbols in the Most Dangerous Game are the jungle, the island, and the yacht. The jungle is a symbol of Zaroff's mad mind, and tangled twisted ways. The island is a symbol of how Zaroff lives apart from the outside world. Conflict and point of view The point of view in the most dangerous game is in third person limited, because the author only goes into Rainsford’s mind. The yacht is a symbol of the wealth and the money that big game hunting uses. Theme and Setting The theme of The Most Dangerous Game would be inhumane. In the beginning all the characters believe that the animals have no feelings, but when the shoe is on the other foot Rainsford soon realizes that that is not true. He now understands that animals have all the same feelings that we do. Theme Setting The setting of the most dangerous game is General Zaroff's island, ship-trap Island, and the jungle. The island is the setting of the first half of the story and the jungle is in the second half of the story. General Zaroff General Zaroff is man who lives apart from society on his remote island, ship -trap island, General Zaroff would be defined as static a character because through the course of the story General Zaroff does not change his theory of life, he does not change. Also Zaroff's character would be called a flat character because he does not undergo a great change or growth in The Most Dangerous Game. Plot The plot of the most dangerous game starts when Rainsford, a skilled big game hunter, is awaked, onboard a yacht. Rainsford hears the cries of an animal of some sort off in the distance. Rainsford goes up on deck and stumbles trying to retrieve his pip. He plummets into the water below him, knowing he can’t be saved, Rainsford swims onto a nearby islands shore. Rainsford soon finds an out-of –place mansion/castle. He is greeted by a man with a tall stature, and big broad shoulders .Rainsford tries to commutate to the man but is threatened instead. Then a man comes to his aid. His name is General Zaroff. The man invites him in for dinner and some rest. The men get to talking and General Zaroff tells him that he too is a big game hunter, and he to enjoy hunting. But he has grown tired of the animals for they are no match for him. So he invented a new kind of animal to hunt. He leads on to Rainsford that the animal is man. For man can reason with him. After a long night of no rest, Rainsford nags General Zaroff’s, saying “no I will not hunt with you!” For Rainsford knows he is next if they hunt. In the end Rainsford ends up heading off into the jungle with clothes, food and a knife. Rainsford knows he has to get away so he runs off without a plan. But he soon realizes that if he is going to outsmart General Zaroff he needs to be as sly as a fox. So he makes many paths for General Zaroff to fallow. After the paths are complete he climbs into a tree to sleep in, cunning like the cat. Rainsford is awakened to the sound of a man coming toward him. He holds his breath. But still the eyes of the General climb up the tree but stop right before the branch Rainsford is sitting atop. Then a smile breaks across the harsh face of the General, he then turns away as if saying “I’ll save you for another day’s hunt.” General Zaroff’s reaction gets Rainsford all worked up. He franticly runs deeper into the jungle, he finds a hollowed out tree and begins working on a trap, trying to kill his hunter. After the trap is set up Rainsford hides and waits. And then General Zaroff comes with his pistol. But he steps in the way of the trap and tries to move out of the way, he’s quick but not quick enough, and the trap hits the General’s shoulder hard. The general then retreats to his house to get fixed up, but not before he congregates Rainsford on his attempt. After the general is gone Rainsford runs even deeper and lands his foot into a area of quicksand, he gets his foot lose of the grounds grip and hears the feet of a man and his hound softly in the distance. Rainsford drops to the ground and starts to dig a pit. He learned this hunting trap from some natives. He gathers up some branches and starts shaping them to a point. Once again he hides. This time when he hears a cry he has the urge pup up with joy, and he almost does but stops right away for he still hears the General’s feet coming, Rainsford managed to only kill one of General Zaroff’s hounds, his best hound in-fact. Zaroff once again retreats to his abode. But once again he congregates Rainsford on his attempt. At daybreak Rainsford is awakened by the sound a whole pack of hounds. Rainsford knows he has to run and so he does. But he stops and makes a trap with his knife. He climbs cp high to get a look he sees the General behind the pack and a big man, Ivan, behind the packing holding them by a leash. He sees that he pack has stopped and he knows that Ivan has run into the trap. He gets down and runs knowing that the hounds will pick up the new sent. Then he comes to the ledge of the cliff. He jumps. General Zaroff looks down knowing that Rainsford is no longer able to play his game. So the General heads back to his abode he eats, reads, and drinks. And then when he is tired he heads off to bed. And before turning on the lights he speaks to his hounds, “Better luck another time, “and when the lights come on General is surprised to find Rainsford hiding in his room. Rainsford swan all the way back to the house, just to get to General Zaroff. And before Rainsford finishes the General off he says “One of us is to furnish a repast for the hounds. The other will sleep in this very excellent bed” Rainsford never had a better sleep. Mood the mood of the most Danereouds game is ominous and suspenseful. Lauren Pero Man V.S. Man. Protaonist the protaonist inThe Most Dangerous Game is Rainsford. Major Characters The two major characters in the most dangerous game are Rainsford and General Zaroff. Ivan is a minor character.
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