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P2P Orientation Mtg #5

No description

Jamie Gwidt

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of P2P Orientation Mtg #5

Orientation Meeting #5!
54 Days to Departure!

Thank you for attending & preparing! Agenda Destination Trivia Game Ambassador Behavior Guidelines
Destination & Cultural Awareness Game
Staying healthy while traveling
Appropriate airport and air travel behaviors
Ambassadorial behavior and consequences
Gender Specific Topic
Hotel Safety
Home Stay Etiquette
Packing contents and procedures
Budgeting money and currency conversions
Paperwork & Bus to Airport 9. The city of ______is roughly circular in shape, with 20 districts that spiral out from the center like a conch shell. 7. ________City is an independent state under the absolute authority of the pope of the Roman Catholic Church. 5. With a population of 175,000, Geneva is _________’s third largest city. 1. Switzerland ______
2. France ______
3. Italy _____
4. Austria _____ A B C D 6. Name this location. 8. This country is famous for cheese, mountains, chocolate, & secure banking. 10. This village exits in which country? Staying Healthy While Traveling Medications
You are responsible
Keep meds in carry-on
Take meds as directed
Over-the-counter meds for
Colds & Stomach illnes Dehydration
#1 most common health concern in travelers
Plan to bring 2-3 bottles of H2O from the airport terminal
Drink more than you think-past satisfaction
Water vs soda at meals
Refill your water bottle while we are out & about! Eating Well
Might not be as hungry=jet lag
Bring snacks from home(in suite case)
Eat at meals, even if you're not too hungry
Try new things
European portions are smaller than Americans
Buffets are not all-you-can-eat
Beverages are not free refills Homesickness
It's natural to miss family & friends!
It will pass!
Usually occurs in the evenings.
Talk to me or another leader!
Talk to your delegation; they feel it too.
Calling home makes it worse.
Parent reminder after mtg. (2 things) On the Plane We look professional in our P2P Ambassador outfits! To Help: Let's Stay Connected!
Leaders will post on FB everyday!
PocketGuide(for delegates) *Time difference reminder
*Phones: text or call only during downtime-at night in hotel or early morning before breakfast Assigned seat
Volume of your voice
Drink WATER! *Look at handout 10 min. before required time Breakfast Sign-In Tell me if you don't feel well in the AM or if you need something Restaurant Behavior Volume
Vary your companions
Wait to eat
Use utensils. . .not fingers Gender Specific Topics Focus is on the program, not finding a romantic interest
PDA= not acceptable
Boys should never be in a girl's room & vice versa Sense of humors differ
Zero bullying or harassment
Keep rooms, bus, & lobbies clean
Keep yourself clean & presentable
Swearing is not tolerated You decide that you want to wear your favorite T-short & shorts instead of your P2P uniform. What will your leaders do? You and another student separate from the group. What should you do? Lunch is served and you are allergic to what is being served. What should you do? What shouldn't you do? Your flight or bus is delayed for a few hours. What should you do? What should you do? Hotel
Safety Respect elders Close doors quietly Taking a "souvenir" from a hotel is considered stealing. Know the address & name of our hotel. Never give our hotel name to a stranger! Open your door only after you've confirmed it's a Leader. Use your travel alarm clock. No throwing objects from windows or balconies. Watch your baggage at all times, even in the lobby! Laundry should be hung in bathroom only. Speak quietly in halls. Check room carefully upon arrival.
Take photos of anything damaged or of concern. Lock your luggage when you're not in the hotel. Swimsuits may be worn in hotels with appropriate cover-up and sandals. No bare feet. Anything broken or missing from our accommodations will be the delegate's responsibility. Money Matters Tips:
Make a budget & stick to it
Carry ATM card & cash with you at ll times in your money belt Cash & Cards:
Use ATM card more than cash.
You won't need more than $400.
Most delegates go with $200 in cash
Most bring cash home
Withdrawing from ATMs can cost $2-$5 abroad
Memorize your 4-digit pin #
Make a copy of the front & back of your card & leave it with your parents & one for you Currency & Spending:
Order some now(Travel Center of OnBoard)
Don't leave cash in your room
Carry cash on you at all time
Don't leave any on the bus
Think wisely about souvenirs
Who will you buy for at home?
Buy something you'll cherish later Luggage &
Packing Please see packing list Packing Game Things you wouldn't think of:
Photograph bags via your phone(Ms. Gwidt, too!)
Duct tape system
Counting-off with bags
Labels Home Stays Home-stays are the heart of the People to People Ambassador Program, as they allow delegates to live from a local's perspective, rather than a tourist's. Delegates will...
Make international friends
Be placed in a town all together
Engage in activities with our delegation & their home stay families during the day
Be grouped in pairs, individual, or all of us in a guest house Host Families
Might be just as nervous as us
Are not paid for hosting us
"It's different, not worse" Safety Ensured:
Each Student Ambassador is provided with their leader's phone & international 24-hour toll free number for the program office
Hosts families have int'l experience & have hosted before
Leaders contact delegates
Code Word: "Happy Birthday" Do
Expect things to be different. This is the whole point of the experience!
Observe & notice as much as you can
Pick-up after yourself/make bed
Write a thank you note
Smile-It goes a long way! Don't
Let nervousness interfere with your experience(Keep positive attitude & the nerves will dissipate sooner than you think!)
Be too negative or judge behavior
Hesitate to contact me if you feel uncomfortable Follow their lead
Dinner etiquette
Voice levels
Hours they keep
Laundry & shower services
Cleaning up
Activities(nothing unsafe or against our Success Contracts) Show Appreciation
Thank you note
Small KW souvenir
Surprise them with it!
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