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How Clean is Your Desk?

No description

Christmas Tague

on 19 December 2016

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Transcript of How Clean is Your Desk?

Personal Information
Account #'s
85467 - Smith, mail check for $85.67 to mbr
Items Pending
Is your Desk a Security Risk?
How Clean is your Desk?
There are many things that you can't control, but are you controlling everything that you can? Review this presentation and make notes of how you can improve the environment around you.
Waiting on Paystubbs, W-2's and Letter of Explanation
85764, Barnes
Documents complete, member to come in and sign for loan 01/15/15
125686, Long
45868 - Jones, Member upset about overdraft, need to escalate.
85487 - Need to add Social to POD info 458-85-5548
Are you leaving your personal stuff laying around and accessible to others?
Leaving files laying around can make life easy for thieves.

If files include personal information it's an easy way for someone to swipe that information without even having to look for it.
Protect sensitive information by filing it away when not in use and before you walk away from your desk; secure it when you leave for the day.
Do you see sensitive information?

How about here?
Symitar Password : Advancial 2014!
Ocean : password1
Storing your passwords in a location that can be easily accessed is definitely a terrible idea. Passwords should be kept under lock and key. Advancial is now partnered with LastPass so you can keep your passwords secure.
Did you see anything else wrong with the passwords in the rolodex?
Press the back button to look again. Press forward to see if you were right.
Put your notepad away or in a locked drawer when you walk away from your desk.
Shred the page notes when you're done using them and at the end of each day.
Consider using your electronic note pad located in your Microsoft email. These types of notes are easily locked in your computer.
These types of devices not only contain sensitive information, they're also very popular and expensive. They can be easily swiped from your desk by someone desperately wanting one.
Lock it. Store it.
How often do you leave the files you're working on laying on top of your desk?
Any issues here?
The problem lies within the password itself. "Advancial2014!" sounds like a default password. Default passwords MUST be changed, and "Password1" is one of the easiest passwords to guess.
Try complicating your password. Make a sentence you can remember and convert it. For example, you might use the sentence "
I work for Advancial and I love it!
" What would your password be?
Now that's a complex password!
Are you locking your computer when you walk away from it?
Do you know how?
There are a few ways to lock your computer.

1. Ctrl + F11
2. Ctrl + Alt + Delete
3. Windows + L
Where do you keep your purse or wallet? In a place that it can be easily swiped?
Store it! Hide it! Don't make it a Target!
Does your note pad have any sensitive information at all in it?
Do you keep your note pad secure?
Do you shred it when you're done with it?

Why is your phone a security risk?
Your phone is a mini computer with tons of sensitive information in it. It includes your sensitive information, and if you have access to your work email from your phone, it also includes your members sensitive information. Aside from it being loaded with information, it can easily be swiped and sold for money.
Your phone should be password protected! Lock it up, store it, always know where it is.
Passwords can be set up by navigating to settings, then to security.
Are you emptying your shred box every day?
Your shred box contains tons of sensitive information. Empty it every day!
Keys should be in a secure location!
USB's and/or CD's that contain sensitive information should not be left laying around and should not be left in your computer unattended.
Are you leaving your printed documents at the printer unattended?
Advancial Audit/Compliance
Documents should be picked up immediately! We recommend using the "Locked Print" functionality.
At the end of the day...
shut it down & secure all removable devices!

Unless IT says otherwise
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