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Lenape - Tools And Weapons.

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Allan Meshchery

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Lenape - Tools And Weapons.

Lenape - Tools And Weapons.
What Lenape Used to Fight.
Lenape Indians were among the first to great the Europeans upon arrival. Generally a peaceful nation of people, the Lenape were forced into war with various tribes and the Europeans. The various weapons used by the Lenape included the bow and arrow, wooden helmet, wooden club and shield, which may have been made of either moose hide or wood.
Bows And Arrows
The Lenape bow and arrow was made from ash, hickory or oak. These hardwood materials were durable, outlasting most any other weapon of the surrounding birch and willow stems of the far northern Indians. The string was most often intertwined fibers from vines or animal hides. The shafts that held the arrowheads were formed and shaped by rubbing and twisting them in a sandstone groove that was formed in sandstone rocks.

The lenape helmets were made from hardwoods such as ash, hickory and oak. These helmets were carved into intricate, round domes that were made to custom fit each wearer. It was common for one craftsperson to make many helmets for various members of the tribe. However, these items were more customized if they were made by the user. The helmets had two small holes, one on each side of the helmet, with a leather strap tied to each side. This kept the helmet on the warrior's head during battle.
Wooden Clubs
Other neighboring tribes and even the Europeans used helmets as well, it was necessary for the Lenape to design their wooden clubs for efficient use. These clubs were made from the heaviest wood available, which was usually oak. These clubs were large on one end with a long shaft to allow the Lenape to strike from a distance.

The Lenape shield was most often designed from moose hide, which was light when dry, performing well in battle to protect the Lenape warrior. These shields were sometimes draped over the whole body to protect the warriors from attack, but they were weak when wet. To combat the weaken state of the hide shield, the Lenape often used wooden shields made from lighter woods. These shields were large and could cover the entire body of the Lenape.
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