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Dheshpreet Chehal

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of E-safety

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This is the golden rule if you are being bullied online. You must always, ALWAYS, tell someone even if someone tells you not to.
Chatrooms are places where you can talk to other people online
Cameras may be great for taking photos but when you share them that's a completely different story. Sharing photos is a dangerous business. Once a photo is up online you can NEVER take it down again. This means other people can take your photo and share again. This process could mean that your photo could be seen by 10000 other people. If you wanted to take this photo down you could never do it. Be careful what picture you put online.
The following Prezi tells you how to be safe on the Internet and the consequences if you don't.
If your in doubt about cyber bulling, go to the ThinkUKnow website to see more details. There are also some fun games to get your mind boggling.
By Dheshpreet
How to deal with it
for more info on E-safety
go to this website:
Mobiles nowadays are very useful for things such as texting, calling and even taking photos! However there are consequences. If you are not careful, these things could happen to you.
Texing sombody you know is fine but when your number to a stranger, things can become a disaster. NEVER give your number to someone you don't know. They can pretend to be someone their not. If they are making you do stuff that you don't want to, Block them, then call or write to CEOP ( a special organization that stops cyber-bulling.) If suddenly this person asks you to meet them , don't do it. If you do, you should take an adult with you to keep you safe.
Calling your friends is great but it has its downsides too. Never answer a phone call if the person's number that is calling you is unknown. Whoever is calling could track you down. They could also pass your number to other strangers and could be dangerous. Only give out your number to people you know.
. It can be a fun way to chat but there
can be dangers too. Places like Facebook,Twitter, Skype and MySpace are all chatrooms. On these chatrooms people can pretend to be who they're not.
Talking to weirdos
People on the internet can be different to who they say they are. If they are trying to convince you to do something that you don't want to do, don't do it! Tell someone if you feel uncomfortable about it.
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