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Rose and Akaiya Mission to Mars Presentation

No description

Mr. Parke

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Rose and Akaiya Mission to Mars Presentation

the elasped time for getting there and back:
Who are we bringing?
When is nasa planning to get there
Nasa is planning a trip to Mars on 2018 or 2030.
What information would we learned
mission to mars
By Rose and akaiya

NASA's experience about Mars
What is NASA's budget?
NASA's estimated budget is about $19.3 billion dollars which is enough to successfully travel to Mars. It would take $100,000 in NASA's budget to travel to Mars.
Our rocket design
In Conclusion:
Greetings, fellow classmates! We have
researched NASA's trip to mars, and we have been intrigued by their ideas, so we can go to Mars ourselves.
It would take about 3.2
years to get to mars and
it would take 1.6 year to get there,
and 1.6 to get back.
2 doctors
2 scientist
4 friends
1 engineer
1 welder
1 doctor
1 scientist
2 friends
1 engineer
1 NASA worker
Probes and explorers have studied Mars for
more than 40 years, so NASA has a lot of
experience of Mars. Meaning, we have a very safe and secure Mission to Mars.
NASA's team is named InSight.
InSight's current goal is to see how rocky planets are formed. Going to Mars will help us answer that question.
In conclusion, NASA InSight team
will visit Mars to study lots of things that will help make life on Earth better. But, now we have landed on Mars. Now our Mission ON Mars must begin...
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