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A demo by Nick

Yeu Shian Lee

on 23 February 2010

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Transcript of Demo

Scenario Overview
The Business Situation
DayaBank provides employment to approximately of people, majority must be trained to be effective in their daily jobs. The learning areas cover everything from the basics of face-to-face customer relations to highly technical topics such as . in the organization will be in this learning transition change by implementing .
HR Manager
Team Manager
Content Author
Issues facing in DayaBank:
Two principal drivers to DayaBank with Learning Management Solution:
Make DayaBank more manager-learner focused by providing manager dashboard and self-service capabilities for training planning and development.

Deliver regulatory training to employees and automatically document the companies’ compliance with those requirements.
DayaBank LMS Demo
prepare by
governmental regulations and prevention policies
All level of employee
new roles & responsibilities
How to ensure that employees were fully trained in the large number of governmental regulations that affecting DayaBank business
How to plan, assess, align, deliver, measure the training quickly, wherever and whenever it was needed in the entire enterprise or each training group
How to simplify learning management processes across business units to ensure that training was up-to-date and reached employees in a timely manner
How to measure the effectiveness of employee learning and integrate that data with other systems evaluating the state of the business
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