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Indigenous Realities in Education

No description

Chris Scribe

on 21 February 2018

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Transcript of Indigenous Realities in Education

Slow Progression
Moving Forward
The Future is Now...
The definition of insanity is this... doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Most of us are not insane, we are however continually contributing, reforming and re-vamping the very system that was put in place for the cultural genocide and assimilation of Indigenous People.
"I still see quite clearly today, as to the reason for establishing and setting forth our position on this issue - and why we did - last fall - for our children - to clearly understand their Cree Language, to learn to love an education that integrates and accommodates their identities, and secondly to combat and capture the drop-out rate of our youth before any more are dismayed and discouraged from continuing. They should be made so that they are happy that they are there; in this way they will learn in their most formative years to love learning, knowing about things, knowledge , knowledge that they should keep and remember. If we can accomplish this, what will happen is this; when they enter schools of higher levels, they wont quit."
John B Tootoosis - June 1976
Knowledge is Power
If you are interested in creating a culturally responsive, Indigenously Infused school environment that promotes , the
revitalization of the past for success in the future
just follow these simple steps:

1. Keep it local
2. Know your elders & knowledge keepers in your community
3. Make believers, out of Non-Believers
4. Ask the right questions
5. Put on your Indigenous lens
6. Never become complacent
7. Stop working on an island.
8. & Don't be afraid to fail
Education Today
The Reason...The Purpose...The Passion....
Resources for Teachers
Questions? Comments?
Revitalizing Nationhood
Indigenous Control of Indigenous Education


1. Who are you?
2. Where are you from?
3. What is your purpose?

Indigenous Control of Colonial Education
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