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Teacher Preparation in Web 2.0 & Beyond

No description

Greg Kessler

on 7 October 2011

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Transcript of Teacher Preparation in Web 2.0 & Beyond

Preparing Teachers for the Beyond

Greg Kessler
Ohio University
We don’t!
But we can anticipate unexpected changes will:
How Do We Know
What to Expect?
prezi: call.ohio.edu/tesol2011b

We can begin by:
Raising awareness of the exponentional times we live in
Providing teachers with foundational technical skills that can be exploited in varied ways
Providing teachers with foundational technology tools that can be integrated with emerging technologies
Developing CALL critical thinking skills
Establishing a pedagogical base
Providing access to cutting edge technologies
Emphasizing flexibility
Encouraging experimentation
Preparing CALL specialists
Promoting CoP
Staying out of the way
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