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Marijuana : legalisation??

No description

michelle ngouabo

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Marijuana : legalisation??

Marijuana : LEGALIZATION??
It would make a difference...
Liberal political party
Economic issues
Social issues
*Unfair sentence*

Social life would improve
Traffickers gain a lot of profits!! According to a UN report in 2001, a kilo of heroin costs about $ 300 to produce in Pakistan and it's sold about $ 290,000 in the U.S.A.
<<It would be good for the economic of the society>>
Conservative party
Pot, cannabis, puff, joint
It comes from Himalaya; an area in

Middle East.

<<It would be immoral for people>>
Why not using it for poor countries??
The war of cannabis cost $42billion per year
Good points
Deficit for the government:
In Canada, annual federal spending under the national drug strategy amounted to nearly 450 million.(1983)

Black market
Violence is the only way to resolve their problems
commonly called :

If marijuana is legalized, what kind of consequences do you think it will generate ?
2 ounces= 5 years in jail
Less murders because of laws' reinforcement...
Better and effective control
Usually used in the Middle East, especially for the manufacture of rope and fabric or as medication
In short...

Marijuana is a product that is not seen well by the society

Some conventions international like:

The International Opium Convention
Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs
...are in the fight against illicit drugs and international crime

Criminality would decrease
Medical treatments
Gross domestic product would grow

if the government wants a safe society, it should have better control over the trading of marijuana.
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