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Cyber bullying.. R.I.P Amanda Todd

No description

Aaron Mobey

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Cyber bullying.. R.I.P Amanda Todd

Cyber Bullying.. By Aaron Mobey On October 10 2012 We had lost Another Person to Bullying... She was so young... she had so much to live for.. NO body should feel threatened to go to school, look on the internet and hear/see things About them in the negative matter.... People need to stand up for there Actions Negative or positive... I will not wish the people that did this to her to death but i just want them to know that YOU are the ones for the reason for the death of this beautiful young woman... she had so much talent... please share/Forward this to get it out that bullying NEEDS TO STOP
R.I.P Amanda Todd, May you live on in our hearts for many years to come.. Cyber Bullying.. On September 7 2012, A 15 Year old Girl Named Amanda Todd Posted A Video on YouTube about what has been going on in her life.. She said what she did in grade 7, and how it has affected her in the past cupple of years, She was video chatting with a guy... then he asked her to flash him... so she did.. a year latter she got a message on Facebook saying that if she doesn't give him a show he will post the pic of her chest on the internet.. she didn't do it.. so he put it up.. she moved numerous times but it just got worse.. She was played by a guy.. then beaten by his Girlfriend after.. after the fight she went and layed in a ditch, her dad found her and took her home.. when she got there she drank bleach... she was sent to the hospitable and got her stumic pumped... 6 months after going to the hospital pictures where being uploaded to the internet of bleach.. and captions saying "i hope she she sees this and kills her self"... She got Anxiety, she couldn't go to school.. she was constantly cutting and Depressed... Please Help Stop Bullying... If you see someone that is getting bullied.. step in and stand up for them even if they made mistakes in life... NO ONE should be getting bullied.... Bullying.. R.I.P Amanda Todd
Amanda.. all thou I didn't know you from what I have herd and read you where a beautiful young woman... Please people From What has happened you need to stop bullying... This is the kind of stuff that happens when people get bullied to much.... Amanda I'm sorry no one was there to help you... if I found out Earlier I would have tried to help before This happened... May your sole Rest in peace, You will never be forgotten <3 <3 <3 My words to Amanda.. Bullying kills... R.I.P Amanda Todd May your Soul rest in peace <3
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