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Concussions in Student Athletes

A Summer American Public Policy presentation based on an essay focusing on how to prevent concussions in secondary school level athletics.

Lauren Rachow

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Concussions in Student Athletes

Concussions in Student Athletes
Punch! Smash! Crack! Pound! Bam, another student athlete is now going to have to suffer through a long period of pain that may never see an end. Concussions are extremely serious injuries that do cause permanent effects. In the United States, there are no laws protecting student athletes from concussions, and that needs to be changed before it’s too late to stop the continuous incline of brain traumas in school sponsored athletics.
What is a Concussion?
minor traumatic brain injury (MTBI)
result of a kick, bump, smash, or hit in a way that inflicts intense pressure on the brain
symptoms of concussions can range from a little inattentiveness to complete unconsciousness
over one million concussions occur annually
leave permanent effects on a person’s ability to think, learn, and remember key pieces of information
What's the problem?
Hospitals have documented that over half of the reported concussions have been related to student athletics at the high school level. Concussions are really serious injuries that can cause severe brain and nerve damage, but now they’re quickly becoming a normality.
What can we do?
Concussions are serious injuries that need to be treated that way, and the only way to do this is with enforced legislation to wear protective headgear. High school students should be able to participate in sports through school as long as their health and education aren’t put at stake.

How can we do this?
For change to occur, each state has to set it’s own boundaries when it comes to wearing headgear.
This is a solution that will definitely create action and information of the people. Many schools rely on both the testing scores of their students, but the state recognition of their athletes. No school in Wisconsin would refuse to let their children wear headgear if this was actually enforced by the WIAA. This isn’t a topic that can be argued both ways when risking the safety of students. No school would ever risk that after the reality of concussions is finally brought to light.
By Lauren Rachow
A Summer American Public Policy Hybrid Presentation
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Playing sports through school is jeopardizing students education every time they walk onto the field or court. Concussions have always been a problem in all levels of sports, but now a greater number of high school athletes are experiencing this injury.
While participation in athletics has decreased recently due to an incline in childhood obesity and great advances in technology, the amount of concussions in high school athletes is continuously growing larger.
We can’t ask for sports to be stopped altogether, but changes can be made. High schools need to reevaluate the safety of their students. All students involved in any sport need to wear headgear when necessary. Wearing soft headgear prevents concussions about 85% of the time over not wearing one at all.
With concussions on the rise, it is time to take more action and create laws that will protect student athletes.
The State of Wisconsin requires all high school athletic teams to follow WIAA (Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association) regulations, or their team won’t be allowed to participate at all.
Each individual state government needs to create a law through their own group that’s similar to Wisconsin’s athletic association.

I would go directly to the power of Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker. He would have the most say over how we handle the growing problem of concussions.
He would need to set a law that would directly affect the WIAA. This new regulation would have to be apart of the WIAA’s own rules. Therefore, every school would need to follow it in order for the school to be recognized with athletic teams. Schools who disregard this rule would be unable to participate in any Conference games and tournaments, Sectionals, Regionals, or the official WIAA State Competition.
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