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James Rixon Photo Portfolio

My Portfolio for my OCR nationals

James Rixon

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of James Rixon Photo Portfolio

hello The purpose of this poster is to get people to watch
the film 'The Woman in Black'
The film advert is in dark colours, so it gives off the ideas that the film is an Horror . There are also a spookey house and a ghost which makes this even more obvious.
I think the suitable audience for this film is teenagers and adults as it is not really suitable for people below teenagers.
It also in an old fashioned writing which shows that the film is based in the olden days.
The direction of the candle shows the spookeyness, and makes the film that little bit more scary.
The hand reaching out for the cross shows how the body has not rested in peace, and that their souls are not at peace so it is more haunted. Its like the restless souls are reaching for salvation. The purpose of this CD is for people to buy this new Coldplay album.
The audience would be and ages, mainly under 55's as Coldplay music is listened to by many ages, also the colours suggest that it may be aimed at a more younger audience.
There are many things to look at on this CD cover as it is very colourful, it is made of a few pictures put into one.
The CD cover is also taken up by the name of the album , but this is not the name of the band, which leaves people to think why the CD is called this.
This CD would also stand out among others as it is so colourful and there is big writing. Excellent work! Look at the merit criteria now! The purpose of this film 'Saving Private Ryan' is for people to buy the film.
I think this film appeals to people who are interested in War as that is the Genre. War can be watched by any ages who are interested in it, weather your are a teenager, adult and elderly.
The word SAVING in the film title is in bold which tells the audience that the film is about they are trying to put emphisism on the word.
There are also some well know actors in the film such as 'Tom Hanks' and 'Matt Damon' this may attract even more audiences. There faces are the biggest things on there.
The film advert also uses darker colours which shows that the film may involve violence and gore.
The main character on the poster you cannot see his face, which leads on to the film how the soldiers cannot find ryan. Also the serious look on the faces of the searchers makes it seem more serious. The original size of the poster would be A1 This original size of this poster would be A1 The original size of this CD cover is 12cm x 12cm The purpose of this advert is to get people to go and watch the film 'I am Legend'
Firstly the main actor is in Big Capital writing at the top, this may want people to watch the film if they are fans of 'Will Smith'
All the writing on the poster is lined up perfectly so it looks more professional.
By the looks of this poster, there is a derelect city in the background and 'Will Smith' is the only actor in the poster. He also has a rifle over his left shoulder, so this gives the hint that there is a scence of danger and that there may be some horror and action in the film.
The word 'LEGEND' is in capitals and it stands out amongst the other words in the films title, this might kead into something during the film (possibly him becoming the legend)
There is also an overturned car in the background which shows how there might be something strange going on.
The city is also slightly distorted which makes it look like the world is coming to an end. The original size of this poster would be A1. swirl effect
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