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30 things

No description

Clare McKinney

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of 30 things

30 things
By: Michael Mckinney
1. I am a freshmen at Lincoln-Way West
2. I have a dog
3. I have a rabbit
4. My dad is from Ireland
5. I play football
6. My favorite food is steak
7. I have known how to drive heavy equipment since I was seven
8. I love Notre Dame
9. I like to paintball
9. I like to paintball
10. My favorite color is green
11. My favorite hockey team is the blackhawks
12. My favorite football team is the bears
13. I love Nike shoes
14. I like country music
15. My favorite actor is Will Ferrel
16-22. I have been to Ireland six times.
23. My birthday is june 13th
24. I love being outside
25. My favorite movie is 22 jump street
26. My favorite hockey player is Patrick Kane
26. My favorite hockey player is Patrick Kane
27. My favorite country singer is Dierks Bentley
28. I like to longboard
29. My favorite car is the Boss 429 Mustang
30. I want to attend college at Notre Dame or University of Dayton
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