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The Center of East Asia, Korea

Youth Diplomat Sihyeon Ju's promotional material of Korea.

Sihyeon Ju

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of The Center of East Asia, Korea

Start of Korea
The Myth of Dangun
Please spread this to notice Korea over the world!
4345 years ago, there was
. He wanted to go on earth, and he got permission to his father, 'Hwanyin'. One day, a bear and tiger asked they want to be a human. So Hwanyoong let them eat only
garlic and mugwort
in cave for 100 days. The tiger gave up but the bear did not, so
became a
! Then, she married Hwanyoong and bore
. He grew up and established the first nation of Korea,
(The Old)
Every Korean is his descendants!
Books that recorded <The Myth of Dangun>
The Dangun's Shrine
The Past of Korea
Cultural Assets
Traditional Foods
The Present Korea
Korea's Argument
Japan's Argument
Japan's old map recorded '
Dokdo is
In 1900
, Korean Empire issued imperial
(number 41) in the world, 'Dokdo
is Korean
The Allied nation ruled 'Dokdo is Korean territory' according to <Agreement Respecting The
of Former Japanese Territories>
The UN
troops of Korean War included
to Korea.
Dokdo is
Korean territory since A.D.512
In 1905, Japan assigned ownerless land, Dokdo.
BUT Dokdo was Korean Territory since A.D.512, so Japan assigned Dokdo by force.
According to <Treaty of Peace with Japan, San Francisco Peace Treaty>, 'Islands that Japan must return to Korea', it didn't include Dokdo.
BUT the map was made to prepare treaty, so Dokdo did not include in Japan territory. Moreover, it is hard to record all of Korean islands .
Please understand that I cannot write ALL of datas because it's too much.
Popular Places
Remarkable activities across the world
Namdaemun Market(Seoul)
Boryeong Mud Festival(Boryeong)
Changwon Cherry Blossoms Festival(Changwon)
Seongsan Ilchulbong(Jeju)
GDP ranking: 15th
Exports ranking: 7th
Nuclear Power: 5th
Shipbuilding Tech.:1st
Internet Tech.:1st
Cell Phone Tech.:1st
Semiconductor Tech.:1st
Patent Application:6th
2010 G20 hold country
2012 Nuclear Security Summit hold country
2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic will hold
Ban appointed UN Secretery General twice
The only nation received assistance to give
Active activities of KOICA
Jeju appointed Free International City

Korean Wave across the world (K-Pop, Dramas, Movies)
UNESCO registered 37 heritages
2012 London Olympics 5th
made by. Sihyeon Ju
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