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Bethany: About Me!

About me for inkslingers blog.

Bethany Mattingly

on 12 August 2010

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Transcript of Bethany: About Me!

I'm Bethany! No, not actually me but adorable anyway. and my favorite color is green!
But, like this chica, I do write a lot... In fact, we are fairly simmilar, this girl and I. With one HUGE difference. My hair is not as curly as hers, in fact it will not curl at all. Straighter than a ruler, my hair does whatever it wants and only rarely listens to me. This I find HUGELY annoying.
Enough about hair and its plot to ruin my life and more about my life as it is. I live in Farmland, USA. and I LOVE it! To me, there's nothing better than driving down an old country road, the radio blaring country tunes, and smelling fresh country air. Ahhh!!! Because of the country life I lead, I love agriculture.
I love all of it. I love the dirt. I love the animals. I love the plants. I could go on for days, even a week if I tried to list all the things I love about farming, ranching and country life. So, I won't. However, agriculture isn't the only thing in my life.
I'm also a college student.
A floral designer.
A agriculture teacher in the making.
A cake decorator.
An FFA Supporter
Writer! Agriculture is my heart, but writing is my soul. It would take not days or weeks, but years to tell you how much writing means to me and even then, I doubt I could stop talking about it. Check out their website at www.ffa.org!!! An avid reader of all things.
A TERRIBLE speller.
A mesmerized soccer fan.
A shoe collector.
So, I'm going to keep it to the basics.... This year will be my fifth year writing consistently. Ever since the summer before my junior year in high school. I used to make up stories and color pictures to them when I was in grade school. I guess that means writing is in my blood and has been for a while. My favorite genre is fantasy because I like things outside the norm. Almost everyone will fall in love, have their heart broken, and live through terrible times (and I'm not discrediting that, I love all books). I just happen to SUPER love the ones that have all of that and also a taste of what is impossible in the normal world. Where else can you..... or run away as fast as your little legs can carry you! FIGHT a dragon! Turn your enemies into animals with the wave of your wand! or staff,
or crystal ball,
or hand,
or whatever other thing you can imagine. not usually together but why not? AND be braver than you'd ever probably be in real life? ARRR!!!!! Go to Wizard school! My biggest Writerly related dream is to get a letter from someone saying they've read my book and have been forever changed because of it. Well, that in a nutshell, is me. I hope you'll stick around and see what the Inkslingers have to say because we're always good for advice, a laugh, and inspiration! And most importantly, I'm a
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