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A Tour in Oxstand

No description

Beth Lam

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of A Tour in Oxstand

Oxstand Front Door Computer Room Office Snacks Western Style Canteen Chinese Style Canteen Lockers Teacher's Office Student Rest Room Student Council Room Sport Ground Class We enter our school here
We can wait for our cars here
Many security guard here Chris and Grace are here
Mr Walsh Office
Mr G office
Most important the Printer is here!!!! Where student can rest during break time
There is internet!!!
Boys usully play games
Girls watch videos
You feel relaxing here Western food
Many Others You see how hard the workers are working? Teacher rest here
Teacher do work here There is a frige!
Students have classes
Teacher teach us new stuff They help students
They are funny sometimes Create activities for students
Fun! Fun activies are held here
Play anything you like here Or you can chat with your friends here Chinese Style food! Students put all of their stuff here
Messy We can buy all kinds of snacks here
Recommended ice-cream!!
Those three ladies are kind But But they are shy Class
Study Hall Look at how the students help each other! Some are rude But some are nice and funny End Thank you No matter how your school evironment is like...
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