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Madeleine Hoare

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of E-Safety

Cyber-bullying is when someone uses the internet or a mobile phone to upset someone else. This form of bullying is just as bad as normal bullying.
By using things like mobiles and the internet, this type of bullying can affect someone at home as well as school. It can make someone feel unsafe or even threatened in their own home.
Cyber-bullying can be evidenced. With normal bullying there is no proof of who did what; it's just one persons word against anothers.
What to do with evidence.
If you have nasty emails or things posted on social networking sites about you, you should save it to the machine you have seen it on. Saving texts or voicemails that say anything horrible can also help. Learning how to block unknkown phone numbers and people on IM can stop the bullying too. All of this can be used as evidence to show to a responsible and trustable adult and to stop the bully.
It's a very good and sensible idea to only give your mobile number out to friends and family. If your phone number is given out to people you don't know they might hassle you. That is wy it is also a good idea not to put your number up on social networking sites such as: Instagram, MySpace and Facebook.
Whilst having a camera phone is really good and useful, be careful if you share photos with others. Pictures can be changed or passed on, so think about what the image is and who is able to see it. Once it's out there, it's out there for ever.
Bluetooth is a quick and easy way of sharing things like files, pictures and music. It's important to be aware that unless you lock your bluetooth, anyone in the area can access things in your phone e.g. your contacts. If you don't want to share this information with strangers, make sure you learn to lock your buetooth.
You should also change your buetooth password from the default setting of 0000 so people can't guess it. Locking your bluetooth can help lower the risk of getting viruses or spam to your mobile phone.
GPS tracking
The worrying thing about using GPS tecnology, is that your contacts will be on a map, showing exactly where they are. If you can see them on the screen, they can also see you. Scary, if you have contacts on your profile that you don't know or trust. If you do use these sorts of apps, you need to remember to use privacy settings and remove anyone who you don't want knowing where you are.

Even if you've been chatting to the same person for a long time and you feel you know them, don't forget it's very easy to lie on the internet and there is no way of telling if people are telling the truth or not. Even if they show you a photo of 'themselves' it could be some else or faked. This also applies to webcam and video footage too; just seeing them in a video does not mean it's them.
Be careful not to share too much information with others on chat rooms. You don't know who is listening or what they might do with the information. If you wouldn't want to shout it out in a crowded room, then don't write it in a chat room. There are some adults that try to get in touch with younger people on chat rooms because they have bad intensions.
Adults with bad intensions know that loads of young people use gaming sites, so sometimes they pretend to be young people too. Make sure, if you play that people are not always what they seem.
Be careful that you don't get tricked or blackmailed to give out any information about yourself like: your address, your photo, your email, your school, your real name (so make sure you use a nickname for a username).
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