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Kayleen Jansen

No description

Kayleen Jansen

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Kayleen Jansen

About us
Our fulll name is Serena Leilani Villegas and Kayleen Carino Jansen. Kayleen has 1 sister named Jane and 8 turtles and 3 dogs. Serena has 2 brothers one older named Rafael and one younger Isaiah. She has 1 dog and 1 turtle.
Some of the things we like are O2L, magcon boys, pasta, U of A. Both of our favorite color is blue. Kayleen's favorite sport is track and Serena's is softball.
Kayleen dislikes softball and Serena doesn't like soccer. Serena doesn't like vegetable. We both don't like fish. We both dislike homework.
Serena's Family
My parents are named Brenda and Rafael. My mom is from LA,California. my dad is from Texas. All my brothers and me were born in the same hospital TMC (Tucson medical center). Ralphy was born september 13 and isaiah december
Kayleen Jansen & Serena Villegas
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