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Make-A-Wish organization

Prezi for Jonah, Peyton, Zach, and my's speech on the Boston Make a Wish Foundation center

Joanne Wylie

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Make-A-Wish organization

History & The first wish Make a Wish History The First Wish - Tommy Griecus 7 years old from Arizona
Wished to be a police officer
Wish Granted in 1980 "It occurred to us that there must be hundreds of other children out there with big dreams and little time – children we could make happy, if only for a moment" - Tommy Austin, US customs officer Frank "Bopsy" Salazar First official make-a-wish kid
Wish Granted in 1981
Wanted to be a fireman, fly in a hot air balloon, and go to Disneyland. The Massachusetts History First wish granted in 1987.
Over 5000 wishes granted in Massachusetts area Mia Suffered from cancer of the eye
Wished for a dance studio Gabrielle 14 years old
Non-fatal illness
Wished to be a doctor and go to Harvard medical school How Make-a-wish works 1 - Referral 2 - Medical Eligibility 3 - Finding the true wish 4 - Creating Joy Wishes which are.... A - Child Focused B - Community Based C - Life changing Winter Wonderland December 2012
80 Make-a-Wish kids in attendance Kids got to tour a plane, meet Santa, dance to a DJ and enjoy arts and crafts
fourth annual event The Massachusetts history
How the organization works Some controversies Controversies around Make-a-wish Also had a big impact on communities! Community Impact The 'Evening
of Wishes' Raised over $250,000
300 attendees Boston Make-A-Wish Gala Golf tournaments
Fundraising walks
International galas
sponsored by various athletes Some Recent Wishes Mural to her favourite ballet, the nutcracker on the wall Ballet Troupe came to perform the nutcracker for her Wish granted august 2012 One week at Harvard
Participated in orientation
Got a regular class schedule
Got to do rounds in the Boston Children's hospital Able to be observe an open-heart surgery from within the room. "It was Awesome!" Prominent Figure Wont Grant Wish Ina Garten, Food Network Chef.
Re-nicknamed "Heartless Contessa"
Refused to meet with 6 year old boy. Was attending a $100,000 lunch at the Hamptons instead! Controversies around Make-A-Wish Both Parents Must Sign 4 year old McKenna May
Selected for a Disney World trip from Make-A-Wish. McKenna's Dad declined the wish - she was "too healthy" Child Empowering
Remind children of the joy in life Wishes which are... Wishes granted that parallel the work and unity of the community
Affects the doctors, families and volunteers All Wish funds are raised locally Wishes which are... Yearn to restore a child's "emotional spirit"
A singular wish can change a child's life Conclusion Make a wish have granted 5000 wishes in Massachusetts alone! Granting wishes to children who need them Grants a wish every 38 minutes. Works cited D'Aulaire, E. (1988, March 22). Making Wishes Come True. New York Times, p. D32. Retrieved March 28, 2013, from the ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times (1851-2009) database

The First Wish : About Us : The First Wish . (n.d.). Make-A-Wish Foundation : National Home Page . Retrieved March 28, 2013, from http://www.wish.org/about/the_first_wish/

Crees, A. (2012, August 29). Make-a-wish fulfills teenager's dream of attending harvard medical school. Retrieved from http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/08/29/make-wish-fulfills-teenager-dream-attending-harvard-medical-school/

French, S. (2013, March 22). Make-a-wish gives dream ballet studio to little girl. Retrieved from http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/10010168674540/make-a-wish-gives-dream-ballet-studio-to-little-girl/

Sison, Bree (2012, December 01). Dozens of Kids Enjoy Make-A-Wish ‘Winter Wonderland’ At Logan Airport. CBS Boston. WBZ-TV. Retrieved March 29, 2013

Lynch, Rene (2011,March 26).'Barefoot Contessa' taking heat for repeatedly rejecting 'Make-A-Wish' cancer patient. Retrieved fromhttp://latimesblogs.latimes.com/dailydish/2011/03/barefoot-contessa-ina-garten-rejecting-make-a-wish-cancer-patient-enzo.html

DeMarche, Edmund (2012,July 19).Make-A-Wish rules let dad block daughter's dream vacation.Retrieved fromhttp://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/07/19/girl-denied-make-wish-trip-to-disney-because-dad-says-beat-cancer/

McEvoy, James (2011,December 8). Make-A-Wish Castle Opens Gates, Grants First WishRetrieved fromhttp://nj.wish.org/2011/12/08/make-a-wish-castle-opens-gates-grants-first-wish/ Thank You for Listening The Modern Make-A-Wish Make-a-Wish wishing is being innovated Make-a-Wish Castle
20,000 square feet
Wishing crystal
Inspiration room
Pond for serenity Wish Granted March 2013 8th annual "Pot Full of Wishes" organized
by chi-omega
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