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What appeasement

No description

kasey mellstrom

on 26 March 2017

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Transcript of What appeasement

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Appeasement was also shown when Britain did not go against Hitler
When Germany add Austria in March 1938 Britain started to reconsider their appeasement
Instead of going against Hitler, Britain leaders decided to appease him more.
When Germany started to go for the Sudetenlands (a region of Czechoslovakia that speaks German) Britain tries to convince Prague of appeasement but failed
March 1939 Germany occupied Czechoslovakia

Appeasement was most apparent between 1935-1939
Unauthorized German rearmament caused the Anglo-German Naval Agreement (Signed June 18) , which is said to have started ww2
The german rearmament went against the treaty of Versaille

Nevillie Chamberlain
He became Prime Minister in 1937
Wanted to appease Hitler to avoid another world war (lived through ww1)

What appeasement
Appeasement is the attempt to buy peace between countries by making a guarantee to hostiles when wanting to avoid military conflict
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