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Alpha Male Youth Summit

No description

Joe myrick

on 12 December 2017

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Transcript of Alpha Male Youth Summit

Alpha Male
Working Together
During this summit there will be over 500 black and brown boys (ages 13-18) discussing and engaging in activities associated with three important themes of male adulthood (

, and
Social Life
) and the topics that stem from these themes.
Themes and Topics
College Life

Social life
- Peer Pressure

- Life After School

- Paying Student Loans

- Preparation For College

- Dealing With Stress


-Time Management
“And yet not a dream, but a mighty reality- a glimpse of the higher life, the broader possibilities of humanity, which is granted to the man who, amid the rush and roar of living, pauses four short years to learn what living means”
― W.E.B. Du Bois
“You become a man not when you reach a certain age, but when you reach a certain state of mind.” - Habeeb Akande
- Presenting yourself

- Community

- Relationship with family

- Being a Man

- How to treat a Women

- Safe Sex
“Social media spark a revelation that we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of content and ideas we can once again unite around common passions, inspire movements, and ignite change.”
― Brian Solis
- Crime

- Drug usage

- Networking

- Discrimination

- Diversity

- Internet Safety

- Stereotypes
During this summit we will be talking about subjects that can be controversial so it is important to remember to respect everyone's opinions so we can talk about these important topics openly
Metro Detroit Youth Summit
New Age Male Youth Summit
New Age Youth Summit
Young Male Summit
Being a Man
Metro Detroit Youth Nexus
Metro Detroit Summit on The Reality of Today’s Males
Young Male Nexus Youth Summit
We will be doing activities that are made to make the participants critically think about our three main themes and initiate a compelling discussion
Activity 1: I Want You To Know

Goals: To share the experiences of various ethnic, gender, religious, and cultural groups and listen to one another.

Directions: Each of you will be put into groups and given a ethnic category. You will have ten minutes to answer the following questions ...
What we want you to know about our group?
What we never want to see, hear or experience again as a member of this group?
What we want our allies to do?

When all groups have completed their lists, we will reassemble into one group and discuss our answers

Discussion Questions
•What are your initial reactions to the activity?
•Which group did you learn the most about?
•Did any of the statements surprise you?
•Did you notice any similarities between the groups?

Location: University of Detroit Mercy
Student Fitness Center

Date and Time: June 21st
8:30AM - 1:00PM

Hosted by
Activity 2: Cross The Line
To emphasize the importance of knowing and communicating personal values.
To highlight how personal values influence the group
To develop the idea that knowing your values will be the basis for leadership
To introduce the concept of values based actions.

Directions: Everyone gather on one side of the line and face towards its center. We will call out specific categories/labels/descriptions, and ask that all of those to whom this applies, walk to the other side of the line. For example, we might request that anyone with glasses please cross the the line. If this describes you and you feel comfortable acknowledging it, you would walk to this side of the line. Once there, turn and face the crowd you just left. Get in touch with your feelings and think about those people on both sides “ then return to the side you started from. After a few seconds, I will
continue with a new question.

There are two important ground rules to this activity.

1. The first involves listening. Let’s have silence throughout the exercise " no talking, snickering, giggling, nonverbal messages."
2. It is imperative that we respect the dignity of each person who is here. All that is shared should remain confidential “nothing that is offered should leave this room.

Young Men
From this summit we hope to bring the male youth of Metro Detroit together so we can talk about subjects that impact their lives daily
"Unleashing Your Power"
Scheduled Events
Registration and Continental Breakfast
Panel Discussion with Moderator
Motivational/Keynote Speaker
Action Items and Next Steps
To give youth of color the platform to voice their thoughts and opinions as a premier organization in Michigan
Breakout Sessions
A youth summit featuring African American males to discuss relevant issues and concerns on the heels of the Travyon Martin tragedy and President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative. This summit is being conducted as a positive weekend of activities showcasing African American males in the morning and evening as we present them to society at the annual Alpha Beautillion Ball.
Funding Request
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