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Analysis of Conflict in Things Fall Apart and Into the Wild

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Luke Stiles

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Analysis of Conflict in Things Fall Apart and Into the Wild

Man vs. Man "Okonkwo's second wife had merely cut a few leaves off it
...Without further argument Okonkwo gave her a sound beating...the wife who had just been beaten murmured something about guns that never shot...Okonkwo heard it and ran madly into his room for the loaded gun...He pressed the trigger and there was a loud report accompanied by the wail of his wives and children" (Achebe 138-139). Man vs. Society "He sprang to his feet as soon as he saw who it was. He confronted the head messenger, trembling with hate, unable to utter a word...
Okonkwo inquired, 'What do you want here?'
The messenger responded, 'The white man
whose power you know to well has ordered this meeting to stop.'
In a flash Okonkwo drew his machete. The
messenger crouched to avoid the blow...
Okonkwo's machete descended twice and the man's head lay beside his uniformed body" (Achebe 204). Man vs. Self "It was like beginning life anew without the vigor and enthusiasm of youth...Work no longer had for him the pleasure it used to have...He had been cast out of his clan like a fish onto a dry, sandy beach...Clearly his personal chi was not made for great things
...Here was a man whose chi said nay despite his own affirmation" (Achebe 131). Man vs. Self "Below was thirty-seven hundred feet of air, and I was balanced on a house of cards. The sour taste of panic rose in my throat. My eyesight blurred, I began to hyper-
ventilate, my calves started to shake. I shuffled a few feet farther to the right, hoping to find thicker ice...Awkwardly, stiff with fear, I started working my way back down" (Krakauer 143). Man vs. Nature "He had difficulty killing game...he'd written '4th day famine' in the journal. But soon thereafter his fortunes took a sharp turn for the better...the snowpack had melted...exposing the previous season's rose hips and lingonberries...He also became much more successful at hunting game" (Krakauer 143). Analysis of Conflict in
Things Fall Apart and Into the Wild Man vs. Man Man vs. Society Man vs. Self Man vs. Nature Man vs. Man "Now and then the tension erupted in
verbal sparring. In moments of anger, one or the other often threatened divorce" (Krakauer 107). "Chris pieced together the facts of his father's
previous marriage and subsequent divorce... Long after falling in love with Billie...Walt continued his relationship with Marcia in secret
...When Walt's double life came to light, the revelations inflicted deep wounds" (Krakauer 121). "Nwoye turned round to walk into the inner compound when his father, suddenly overcome with fury, sprang to his feet and gripped him by the neck...Nwoye struggled to free himself from the choking grip...He [Okonkwo] seized a heavy stick...
and hit him two or three savage blows" (Achebe 151-152). Man vs. Society "One of the greatest crimes a man could commit was to unmask an egwugwu in public...And this was what Enoch did...Enoch had killed an ancestral spirit, and Umuofia was thrown into confusion" (Achebe 186). Man vs. Nature "For two or three moons the sun had been gathering strength till it seemed to breath a breathe of fire on the earth. All the grass had long been scorched brown, and the sands felt like live coals
...And then came the clap of thunder...When the rain finally came, it was in large, solid drops of frozen water" (Achebe 130).
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