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Django and Rails and Grails, Oh my!

Comparison between three web frameworks, focusing on differences and similarities between them

Jaime Buelta

on 13 July 2010

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Transcript of Django and Rails and Grails, Oh my!

MVC Python Model
Template Explicit Groovy Java world & tools Convention over configuration Very similar to Ruby on Rails Ruby Convention over configuration Well, more than the others DB rules over model Model DB DB Migration Rails ActiveRecord Controller Django Configure URLs to
map view functions Rails app/controller/action model -> controller Explicitly import Including models and
basic django modules! View Django less code execution Grails gsp file Similar to jsp Manual JavaScript Rails erb file More code oriented More tag oriented Was called "Groovy on Rails" , Oh My! and and Jaime Buelta less files and directories Simple application
to compare them Be able to "Shout" online DB will store the shouts Simple form to add a shout Use only default frameworks Rails Django Grails Grails action -> view scatfold JSON support on views action -> view Dynamic languages Python Explicit Indentation Batteries included Ruby Expressive Cool Functional Engineer Artist Groovy Higly influenced by Ruby Businessman Development workflow Django model Grails domain Hibernate Define models Create/Sync DB Define views Create DB Create migrations Define controllers Define domains Create/Update DB Scatfold controllers/views
of models Update controllers/views Add other controllers Add functionallity to models python class DB table Manual DB table changes Can define models from legacy DB,
with problems Create app Define templates Create project Define domains from legacy DB is
really a challenge groovy special class Create project Define views Model will reflect all the
columns in the DB Change DB Magic Use of the basic frameworks, without add-ons Documentation and support Bad documentation Smaller community One of the best documented
OSS projects Tons of informal
documentation Conclussions Strong personal opinions ahead! I don't like Bad documented Dependent of XML-configured technologies Java stack debug It's great for CRUD interfaces! Mystical errors Bicycle Be careful with your DB! Good for Java business environments XML is evil! I like Easy migrations Motorbike English-like language Is this good? Magic! Exciting, but you don't want to have a problem Chaotic community Implicit Expressive Test-driven I Structured Flexible Modular Difficult migrations Great documentation Small dir structure MVT model Configuration over convention Sports car you're going uphill lots of times Cool! You're in control all the time Thanks for your attention! Questions? jaime@joltonline.com Presentation available at prezil.com
Code available in www.wrongsideofmemphis.wordpress.com painful, especially on production
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