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By:Sophia Cadavid 502

No description

J Kostenbader

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of By:Sophia Cadavid 502

Outrageous Snowflakes
By:Sophia Cadavid 502

Snowflakes are wonderful. They look very pretty also. Snowflakes are also fantastic. After you read this you will know alot more about snowflakes.
Snowflakes are amazing. They come in many ways. I hope you learned alot about snowflakes.
Thank you for reading!
How Do Snowflakes Form?
Snowflakes has a little bit of steps to form. The temperature has to be at least 32 degrees to snow. Snow forms when water droplets freeze and become ice particles. On average snowflakes falls to 3-4 miles per hour. These are the steps to snow.
Fun Facts!
Here are some fun facts about snowflakes!

What do snowflakes look like?
My Opinion On Snow!
My opinion on snow is I love it! It is so much fun just going outside in the snow. The snowball fights and making snow angels. Also when you come in you can drink warm tasty hot chocolate. The snow is fun. Just grab a couple of friends or family and you can play! All the games you can play. Therefore, I love snow!
Snowflakes can come in many different sizes. For example two snowflakes can never be alike. Every snowflakes has six sides. Also snowflakes are actually not white they are clear. The sun reflects from the snow which makes it look white. There is a type of snow that is called water melon snow. It is when algae grows on snow which makes it look reddish. This is how snowflakes look.
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