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No description

Jonah Escarcha

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of SpaceJam

My Favourite Childhood Movie: The story starts with Michael Jordan retiring from Basketball and entering the world of baseball. Swackhammer, an amusement park owner, gets his goons to kidnap the Looney Tunes gang for the park. Meanwhile, in the land of Looney Tunes... Bugs Bunny then convince the cronies to a basketball game for their freedom. The aliens, however, would steal the talents of NBA Superstars, in order to win. And the aliens turning into the MonStars. After a horrible loss, the Looney Tunes attempt to enlist the help of Michael Jordan. On Earth, Michael struggles so much with his baseball career. When Jordan accepts, Bugs and Daffy go on a covert mission to get Jordan's equipment, but have to resort to help from Michael's kids. As a result of the win, Michael decides to rejoin the NBA, gives the select superstars their talents back and electrifies the Bull's crowd during the first home game. With Michael Jordan by their side, the Loony Tunes squad await their match with the Monstars. During the half time break, Michael finds out the Monstars' secret and gambles his freedom for the superstar's talents and the Looney Squad's freedom. Michael fills his water bottle with "Secret Stuff" and shares it with the rest of the Looney squad which sparks an entertaining comeback for the gang. The Monstars dominated the court in the first half, but as the Looney Squad was on the brink of forfeit due to loss of players, Michael's friend Bill Murray joins the roster and held out to the end of the second half. Enough time for most the Looney Squad to recooperate. After revealing the "Secret Stuff" was water, the Looney squad holds out until the final possession when this happens:
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