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Making Connections: Examples of Mythology in Modern Culture

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Nicolai Sison

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Making Connections: Examples of Mythology in Modern Culture

Making Connections: Examples of Mythology in Modern-day Society
Tristar Pictures Logo
The Tristar Pictures logo consists of a magnificent, flying Pegasus which is referred back to Greek Mythology as a winged horse. He is also well known for carrying Zeus' thunderbolts.
The Leviathan roller coaster, located in Canada, is a reference to the large, biblical serpent that is known for their immense size and ravenous hunger.
NBC Logo
The NBC Channel's logo consists of a peacock whom in Greek Mythology was created by Hera from Argus. He was believed to have a hundred eyes.
Making Connections: Examples of Mythology in Modern-day Society By: Nicolai Sison
The reasoning
behind the company naming is that the Pegasus is an elegant and hard-working creature. In a vain attempt to symbolize the films they create.
The Leviathan is named this way in order to represent the strong and fearsome creature, as a way to gain more intimidation among the riders.
NBC used this as their company logo in order to symbolize their ability to perceive everything around them.
Atlases, named after the Greek Titan Atlas, are reference books that help guide others throughout the world.
They are named after him because of his title as the Titan of navigation and the fact that he holds the world upon his shoulders.
The reason behind the company naming is because Mercury was the God of Commerce, in order to deliver messages, he required a fast mode of transportation.
Pandora Internet Radio
Pandora is well known for their music. It is actually named after Pandora, the first woman, who opened a box, let all the evils out into the world, but also left hope.
The reasoning behind the name is to symbolize the gift of "hope" that was left by her (representing the music).
Trident Gum
The Trident was a powerful three-pronged weapon that was wielded by the Greek God Poseidon. It also influenced the naming of a brand of chewing gum.
The reasoning behind the brand name relates to Poseidon's role as the God of the Sea and how water is refreshing to those who drink it.
The Titanic
The Titanic was the largest ship ever sailed at it's time. It was named after Greek Mythology's Titans who preceded the Gods and were known for their incredible size and strength.
It was named after the Titans mainly due to the similarities that exist between them, such as impressive size and speed.
Olympus is the brand of a very famous camera company. It is named after Mount Olympus where in Greek Mythology, is believed to be the home of the twelve supreme gods and goddesses.
The reasoning behind the name is to represent Mount Olympus itself and to “reflect its strong aspiration to create high quality, world famous products.”
Achilles Tendon
The Achilles Tendon is referred back to Greek Mythology where Thetis, attempts to immortalize her son, Achilles. She holds him by the ankle and dips him into the River Styx. Unfortunately, she was not able to thoroughly immortalize him and the part she held him by remained vulnerable.
The reasoning behind the name is because the area in which Achilles is vulnerable is also the general area in which the body part is.
Mercury, the Roman name for Hermes, is the God of Commerce and a highly trusted messenger. It is also named after a popular car company.
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