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Energy Trading

No description

Taygan Brooks

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Energy Trading

The issue progressed

This issue progressed by prices dropping and companies running out of business because the couldn't pay their bills or other things.
The issue with energy trading is that there are so many companies that is very competitive.
nergy Trading
I choose Energy Trading because i wanted to learn more about it and see how it is affecting us.
The issue began
The issue began by so many companies selling energy that it is so cheep and very competitive.
Solutions for the issue
Sources and Citations
Thank You
for listening
By: Taygan Brooks
We are trying to come up with easier ways of making energy.
citations for photos
Renewable Energy. N.d. Google. Web.
Solutions (
-Make a more pen trading system.
Hope you enjoyed
Get more organized trading systems:We can become a example and show that we are high tech.
Get more organized trading systems: more countries or cities might want to join in.
-Become more
organized with trading.
Powerex."Energy Trading and Marketing." Energy Trading and marketing. Powerex, 1988.Web.Sept.2016.
NFI."Exports & Trade."-Nuclear Energy Institute. N.P., 2016.Web.28.Sept.2016
Learning Center."Buying & Selling Energy." PJM Learning Center- PJM. 1 Sept.Web.27 Sept 2016
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