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Telecoms Architecture

Public and internal Architecture

Chris Van Aardt

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of Telecoms Architecture

GTEQ KCOM 0845... 0845... 0845... Customer DDI DDI Adept SIP Service IHG 01830527301 01830527302 Managed service (dedicated bandwidth)
Built On MPLS Cloud
Annual Fee Acme packet Session Border Controller
183 and 135
Session Termination
Siphon Support (via Adept) Up to 300 Sessions RM SBC Avaya Communications Manager (ACM) AES Contact Centre Session Manager Call Recording 01235827360 DDI's PSTN SIP-to-SIP connectivity and routing
Intermediate device between legacy components Call routing
Endpoint management
Gateway Management
Basic call coverage
PBX component of telephone system
Redundant Servers AACC AMS Call flows/scripts
Agent registrations
Agent/Supervisor management
All the clever stuff
Redundant servers with immediate failover Voice prompts
Hold Music
Media Anchor point
Redundant servers with immediate failover Presence Station State (Not just agents)
Chat Functionality
Single Server
Linux (IHG Suppored) Pre-configured recordings
Up to 120 Concurrent Recordings
Single server Solution Helps AACC detemine station state
Helps ACR tie into ACM Appliction Enablement Services Media Gateway(s) G430 or G450
ISDN Connectivity
All sites apart from ESI AAAD with CTI Modular Messaging Two Front end servers, One storage server
All storage on server (Not exchange Integrated)
Some User self service options.
No email of voicemail System manager Single point of management, reporting and licensing Overview + call routing
Communications Manager
Session Manager + SBC
Contact Center
Voicemail & Call Recording RM Education Telephony Overview
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