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Prelude to Revolution

No description

Mike Miller

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Prelude to Revolution

Prelude to Revolution
Proclamation of 1763
1st domino that upset colonist's
* Angered colonist's because they couldn't move westward. The whole reason they fought the French was for Western Expansion. *The imaginary line drawn through the Appalachian Mountains.

Proclamation line
Britain Impose New Taxes
Why? They are broke, in debt from The French and Indian War. The King of England feels it's right for the colonist's to pay the money back
Sugar Act
A tax on Molasses. Molasses was used to make rum. Colonists were already taxed on Sugar, but smugglers could get away with it. The Sugar Act passed made it harder for smugglers to get away
Stamp Act
All wills, marriage papers, diplomas, newspapers, almanacs, playing cards and even dice had to carry a stamp showing the tax had been paid.
The Stamp Act had men and women angry. Protest are on the rise!
"No Taxation Without Representation"

Stamp Act
British officials don't understand why the colonists are upset by the Stamp Act.

* The colonists decided to boycott British goods. It worked! British trade fell 14%. Finally the British Parliament repealed (canceled) the Stamp Act. However it passed a law stating "they have the right to raise taxes in all cases whatsoever"
Townshend Acts
Prominent British officials stated that Parliament was "afraid of those Americans"

Parliament passes the Townshend Acts. Taxed goods such as glass, paper, paint, lead and tea.

Wait a minute! Colonists again state "No taxation without representation"

Back to the drawing board....
Townshend Acts
Again, colonists will boycott. This time the British will not back down.

Sons of liberty formed- colonists who staged hangings of cloth or straw effigies. This was to show the tax collectors what might happen to them if they tried to collect the unpopular tax

Samuel Adams will become an unlikely leader
Boston Massacre
"Lobsterbacks" roamed the streets of Boston, reminding the colonists to pay their taxes. The "Lobsterbacks" were yelled at all the time.
A clash: A crowd grew larger and larger around the British soldiers. Colonist started throwing objects at them (snowballs filled with rocks), the soldiers panicked and fired into the crowd killing 5.

The Summary>>>>>>>>
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