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Lauren Macmurdo* and Emily Pierce*

No description

Angela Altazan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Lauren Macmurdo* and Emily Pierce*

Tom Dempsey


Bethany Hamilton

!!!Starring Tom Dempsey!!!
!!!Starring Bethany Hamilton!!!
There are many opinions about this brave woman, that's why I will show you some.
There are many opinions about the marvelous man, that's why I will show you some.
Dempsey is related to the "Meanie on the Teamie." "He aims his kick at someone instead of the field goal."

Dempsey must has huge anger issues."He has been kicked out of many football collages because of punching the coaches."

"Tom is a marvelous kicker but, has trouble aiming for the goal."

Dempsey must have a love for hitting people."The cruel irony in this is that Dempsey's love of hitting people on the football field."

He must not care."He likes to hit people. He didn't care if he got his bell rung."
Hamilton is much of a source of inspiration to millions."Bethany is my source of inspiration."

"God's waters must have brought faith to the dear girl."

Bethany returned to water like nothing ever happened."Just one moth after, she returned to the water."

Hamilton must have forgotten she was famous seeing her movie permire in theaters." As Mrs. Hamilton walked in the theater a round of applause was given to her as a welcome."

She must keep moving forward. "She is still a professional surfer."
All of our most pride athletes
About Tom Dempsey and Bethany Hamilton
anger issues

brain disorder
loss of blood

loss of arm
a continues surfer for life
Wilma Rudolph
born with the weight to wear she would die but now is a track star.
James Owens
was a weak and skinny little boy but got all buff in track
Michael Oher
Simon Keith
Education was pore but now his is a smart NFL football player
had rare disease called viral myocarditis that destroyed part of his heart, but now he is a profesional football player
got kicked off of many teams
had a loss of a body part
hurts people
is nice to people as family
feelings affect people in ways
punches coaches
very nice to her father/trainer
actions affect people in ways
Article Time
Our evidence from the articles
Some sports are not always to challenging."That makes these sports more challenging."

There is not always doubt in sports."There is little doubt in the value of sports."

Many teams strive to win."They are a striving team."

Many people put themselves ahead of other people. For others, it is the opposite."Some put the team ahead of there own accomplishments."

Some say the "play" or "game" is not healthy, but they are wrong."It exercises our body and our mind."
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