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Fabric enhancement/ dying and printing

No description

Harriet Holling

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Fabric enhancement/ dying and printing

Why should we learn this? Fabric enhancement / dying and printing Machine screen printing
is NOT the only fabric enhancement though... There are a number of ‘technique stations’ around the room. Are usually added to ……………. ,
add colour, texture, catch the
light and decorate the products. Tie Dye have a go at making some samples of the technique. Go to as many stations as you can! Write the information of each technique
into your workbook You could be asked about any of them
in the exam


you could use it in a product analysis
question. Lets take a break and Share Sequins Take your time,

Do not rush

Be careful in 8 minutes Hand Dye Embroidery Machine and by hand You have 8 more minutes to visit the ‘technique stations’ batik What is it? Hot wax is applied to fabric;

the …………… stops the dye
from reaching the chosen areas.

The dye is then applied creating
a handmade pattern. Quilting •This is a layering technique . Quilting is made from two layers of fabric with a layer of wadding in between.

It is stitched into a pattern either by hand or machine.

Creating texture, pattern and warmth.

Quilting is used for clothing and home decoration. Applique is when a smaller piece of fabric is sewn onto a product to create designs, patterns or pictures So whats reverse
applique? Lets see if your lightbulb is
now switched on Discover and record a variety of commercial and hand methods of fabric enhancement, dying and printing Challenge Aspire To be able to describe and give examples of a variety of surface decoration techniques that can enhance a product. To be able to describe and give examples
of a variety of surface decoration
techniques that can enhance
a product. Aspire
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