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Roman law/ Civil law EPQ

No description

Anam Shaikh

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Roman law/ Civil law EPQ

Extended Project
Title Development
By Anam Shaikh
“To what extent has Ancient Roman Law influenced modern European Law?“

Initial title...
"To What Extent was Civil law, a Legal System Derived from Ancient Roman law, Received in Western European Countries between the Fifteenth and the Eighteenth Centuries?"

Final title...
"To what extent did Ancient Roman civil law influenced modern Western European civil law?“

Altered title...
Choosing a Topic
The Writing Process
The reading list...

The reading process...

My aim...

The Final Essay
The history of Roman law...

The reception of Roman law in Europe...

The Twelve Tables (450 BC)
The Netherlands
Corpus Iuris Civilis (527 - 565 AD)
Edictum Praetoris (c. 110 AD)
“To what extent has Ancient Roman Law influenced modern European Civil Law?“
Recommended reading lists
Contacting a professor of law
Academically beneficial
5000 word report
What didn't go so well...

What went well...

The reference list
What next...

An even narrower focus
Too much time spent on the historical perspective
Advice from the Classics department
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