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Maclean Peterson

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Dante

Italian Poet Dante Aligheri Birth Exile and Death Durante(Dante) Degli Aligheri was born in mid-may in 1265 This piece of literature is a collection of all the lyrics Dante wrote for Beatrice
The goal of this text was to express a truer love one more sacred. He claimed that Beatrice had this type of love. Vita nuova In the year 1306 Dante started working on the divine comedy. He published the first part(the Inferno) in 1314. Though later the book was published as a whole in 1555. The Divine Comedy A few years after Dante was born his mother died.

Marriage with Gemma

Around the time of Beatrice's death Dante started studying politics and philosophy Personal History Exiled 1302

Expelled from Bologna 1306

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