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Jim Thorpe

No description

Fasai Stanford

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe was an American Indian athlete. He won Olympic gold medals for the 1912 pentathlon and decathlon, he played American football and professional baseball and basketball.
Jim Thorpe
Jim Thorpe was born on May 28, 1888 in Prague, Oklahoma, and died on March 28, 1953 at age 64 in Lomita, California. Jim Thorpe was an incredible athlete.

Jim Thorpe played professional sports until age 41. Jim Thorpe played baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. He was also a boxer. Jim Thorpe was not that tall, but he still won the high jump in track and field competitions.
My Passion & Why I Chose This Topic
I have love playing sports because I like winning, team work, and improving my game but most importantly, I like having fun. Jim Thorpe encourages me to keep on trying my best. I am very passionate about sports and interested in the history of sports even who were the heroes in the past. And I want to know who is your favorite athlete?
Greatest Athlete of the Twentieth Century
People who were voted for the Greatest Athlete of the Twentieth Century
Jim Thorpe was one of the people voted the Greatest Athlete of the Twentieth Century along with 15 other athletes.
Jim Thorpe
Jim Thorpe became a Hollywood actor/stuntman but he did not get enough money for his acting career in 1953 Thorpe picked on drugs and went into heart failure, he died in a trailer at Lomita, California.
Thanks For Watching!
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