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Benjamin Joseph Katzman

No description

Ben Katzman

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Benjamin Joseph Katzman

In my spare time I like to: Play Xbox, spend time on the computer (if you call that a hobbie), mini-sticks, shooting pucks and shooting hoops on my drive way, swimming and lastly target shoot with my bb guns and airsoft guns.
The main sports I play are hockey and lacosse, recreational sports or the sports that I don't play in a league are: volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, golf, baseball, water skiing, badminton and ball hockey.. Oh and don't forget ping pong in my garage!!
All About Me
Benjamin Joseph Katzman
On March 2nd, 2000 in Grimsby Ontario, a LEGEND took its first breaths of oxygen in our world. Bald as a baby ;), unlike my sister who came out with a full mop. Weighing in with a whopping 7lbs 14oz, arriving with a deathly stare, quiet and deceiving. Learning how to swim at just 3 months old, and learning how to skate at 2 years old.
Me ----->
I have a pretty large family, this consists of a Grammy and Grampsy, Oma and Opa, 9 Aunts and Uncles, 7 cousins, Mom and Dad, 1 step mom and 3 step brothers, and my sister!

Other Stuff
My favorite / lucky number is #7, MaximBady is my favorite YouTuber, his videos make me cry (no exaggeration). My favorite movie I've seen so far is The Avengers, i have to be eating something while watching a movie, i need to have water on my bed side table when I go to bed and lastly, I love snow.
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