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LSD- Learning Strategies about Drugs

No description

Eva Antonop

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of LSD- Learning Strategies about Drugs

KETHEA therapy center Statistics
Almost 17,5% drug users have a standard job position

Almost 60,4% drug users leave with their families
The philosophy of KETHEA
Therapeutic process

Patient as an active participant of the process

Participation in the routine

Any patient is free to leave at any point of the process
Harm reduction

Counselling and mental rehabilitation

Family therapy education and training

Legal support

Social reintegration and employment
What is KETHEA?
Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals

Over 20 different therapeutic programmes

Not pharmaceutically assisted drug detoxification

KETHEA adheres to the Code of Ethics of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities

Encouraging the individual to adopt a new way of life

Services are provided free of charge

Twelve step rehabilitation
LSD- Learning Strategies about Drugs


Information services and health care
LSD Project
What we do
Needs assessment
Follow up
2-day interactive workshops by KETHEA experts

Street actions
2-week internships to KETHEA units and therapeutic communities
Three stages
SCORP project

Three years

Medical students of all years

Evaluation forms

Pre and post test questionnaires

Data processing with KETHEA research department


LSD as an optional subject at medical schools in Greece
Thank you!
Inform medical students on the subject of drugs

Sensitize medical students on drug addiction

Train medical students on approaching drug users

Eliminate the social stigma resulted by drug addiction

Lack of education of medical students and future
doctors around issues related to drug use

Lack of academic curriculum in courses focused on drug abuse

Lack of training of medical students on methods of right approach and examination of an addicted person
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